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Professional Services

Professional Services support the academic community in the pursuit of the University's strategic ambitions. Our Professional Services work closely with Faculties and Schools and are managed by the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer.


Estates Services

(PA, )

Senior Managers
, Assistant Director Asset Planning
, Assistant Director Operations & Maintenance
, Assistant Director, Procurement & Commercial Services

Estates Services is made up of 3 Sections.

Asset Planning comprises: Space Management & Planning, Asset Management & Residence Services. Collectively, the section deals with the strategic planning of the estate (Estates Development Framework) and it’s supporting policies along with the management and operation of the Student Residences.

Operations & Maintenance delivers major and minor capital projects and provides all business-as-usual (BAU) day to day support across the University in the areas of plant operation, statutory inspection and testing; responsive and planned maintenance. The Section also delivers a range of sub-projects associated primarily with major replacement of asset elements such as roofs and cladding, legislative repairs and alterations and Carbon Reduction and Waste Management.

Procurement & Commercial Services help ensure that university expenditure complies with EU legislation and that 'Best Value for Money' is achieved through a strategic approach to procurement sourcing and supplier management activity for goods, services and works. The commercial operations ensure a balance is achieved between the provision of excellent value services, exceeding client expectations and income generation for the university stakeholders.

Asset Planning

  • Estates Development Framework
  • Campus Development Plan
  • Equality Policy
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Communications Policy
  • Academic liaison on Strategy (including learning spaces)
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Strategy Co-ordination with Information Services
  • Asset Management
  • Property leases, acquisitions, disposals
  • Business cases for projects
  • Investment strategy/policy
  • General planning policy
  • Space Management
  • Allocation
  • Utilisation Studies
  • Policy
  • Modelling
  • Briefing of Projects
  • Signage Policy
  • Public Realm Policy
  • Support for Sustainability Policy
  • Equality Impact Assessments
  • Capital Projects Resources (CPR) Co-ordination
  • Student Residences
  • Allocation, operation and management

Operations and Maintenance

  • Project Management
  • Major Capital projects
  • Works Management
  • Routine repairs and maintenance (electricians, engineers, joiners, porters/handymen)
  • Building/Fabric Services
  • Mechanical/electrical/building maintenance
  • Refurbishment and upgrades
  • Minor capital works
  • Security Services
  • Security
  • Mail
  • Access
  • Car parking
  • First Aid
  • Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning
  • Waste recycling
  • Grounds and Gardens maintenance
  • Energy and Environmental Management
  • Energy
  • Carbon management
  • Recycling
  • Construction
  • Travel
  • Biodiversity
  • Health and Safety
  • Hazardous and clinical waste
  • Asbestos management
  • Advice/guidance

Procurement and Commercial Services

  • Procurement
  • EU compliance
  • Tendering
  • Supplier relationship management
  • eProcurement (Pecos)
  • Photocopier and multi-functional devices fleet
  • Mobile phones
  • Water coolers
  • Advice/guidance
  • Estates Administration Services
  • Helpdesk
  • Finance
  • Estates Management Information System (EMIS)
  • Telephone switchboard
  • Estates IT
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling
  • Secretarial and Administration Activities
  • Catering Services
  • Outlets
  • Hospitality
  • Specialist venues
  • Vending
  • Conferencing and Events
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Bid creation
  • Administration
  • Advice/guidance
  • Print Services
  • Web-design
  • Print design
  • Digital printing
  • Medium-high volume photocopying and related finishing
  • Outsourced print and design facilities
  • Centre for Sport & Recreation
  • Activities and classes
  • Elite athlete programme
  • Students Association Sports Clubs
  • Advice/guidance


Chief Financial Officer
(PA, )

Senior Managers
Kirsty MacLeod, Deputy Finance Director
Clare Urquhart, Finance Operations Manager
Michael Coen, Finance Systems Manager
Kathleen Boyle, fEC Accounting Manager
Sandy Hall, Research Contracts Manager

Finance Directorate aims to ensure the University’s continued financial health through a system of financial management which facilitates the generation of private income but which recognises the requirements of public accountability.

Finance provides services which are used by all staff and students, together with many external customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Many of the services are delivered in conjunction with other University departments. Finance is responsible for planning and monitoring financial performance to ensure a secure and financially sustainable future for the University.

Accounting Services

  • Provide advice and support to academic departments and Professional Services for all financial matters (via an accountant dedicated to each Faculty and Professional Services)
  • Planning and monitoring financial performance via the annual budget and financial forecasts
  • Provision of advice regarding development of business plans for new proposals
  • Managing the University’s cash balances and its borrowing requirements
  • Preparation of the annual Financial Statements and statutory returns including HESA and TRAC
  • Management of the University’s insurance policies including provision of advice and claims handling
  • Completion of University’s tax returns (VAT and Corporation Tax) and providing advice on VAT queries by departments

Financial Systems

  • Administer Financial Systems including Finance System, Finance Information Server (FIS), and Online Shop
  • Systems Accounting and Information Structures
  • Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Finance Systems Replacement and Enhancement Projects


  • Responsible for paying all staff on a monthly basis
  • Provide information to departments on matters of taxation, National Insurance and statutory payments in accordance with University and HMRC regulations
  • Arrange collection of statutory deductions from pay (tax & NI) and processing of salary sacrifice deductions (e.g. cycle to work and childcare vouchers)
  • Responsible for absence management record processing and adherence to both Occupational and Statutory sick pay regulations
  • Submission of statutory returns and payments to HMRC and other third parties on a monthly and annual basis.


  • Responsible for the administration of the three pension schemes operated by the University:
  • Work closely with Payroll and HR in order to provide support to all pension scheme members.

Research Contracts and Other Services Rendered

  • Post-award financial management of research grants and contracts
  • Provision of guidance and support to academic departments and researchers with all research related queries:
  • Account opening
  • Budget setting
  • Invoicing and claim submission
  • Transaction reporting and account balances
  • Allocation of funds received
  • Audit preparation and submission
  • Contract closures
  • Funder liaison (including external audits)
  • Financial management of other commercial activities (Conferences, Short Courses, Consultancy, etc.)

Accounts Payable

  • Pay external suppliers and staff expenses in accordance with both University and external regulations
  • Administer University Purchase Cards and liaise with the University approved travel agents
  • Distribute monthly budget statements and support departments in addressing any resultant budget enquiries
  • Scan key financial documents to enable both academic departments and Professional Services access to a variety of financial documents online.

Accounts Receivable

  • Raise invoices and collect all income due to the University
  • Pursue any outstanding debts due to the University
  • Maintain tuition fee records
  • Administer bursary payments to students
  • Process Emergency Aid Fund/Hardship/Childcare payments to students
  • Support students regarding any tuition fee payment issues

Cash Office

  • Receive, record and bank all funds received into the University by Bank Transfers, Card, Cash, Cheque Payments and Online payments
  • Receive payments from students in respect of Tuition/Residence Fees and other miscellaneous payments
  • Process all foreign currency invoices and conference fee payments
  • Provision of Cash Advances: Sterling and Foreign Currency
  • Provide Emergency Aid Fund cash payments to Students
  • Provide Petty Cash Floats

Human Resources

Sandra Heidinger (PA, Christine Sinclair)

Senior Managers
Fergus Brown, HR Manager
Jim McKenna, HR Manager
Claire Williamson, HR Manager

Jan Lee, Organisational and Staff Development Manager

Gerard Graham, Operational Support Manager

Suzanne Thompson, Head of Safety Services

Key Contacts
Pamela Loughlin, Health and Safety Adviser/Risk Management Coordinator
June Freeland, Biological Safety Adviser
John Constable, Health and Safety Adviser/Business Continuity
Jan Duke, Occupational Health Adviser

The Office of Human Resources made up of the business facing HR teams, the Organisational and Staff Development Unit (OSDU) and Safety Services.

The business facing HR teams provide general support on the full range of ‘people issues’ covering the employment experience from recruitment through to resignation/retiral.

OSDU provides support, development and training to help the organisation and everyone working in it to achieve their full potential by supporting the identification and provision of learning and development activities; personal development through coaching, mentoring and psychometric tools;leadership/team development and organisational improvement activities.

Safety Services provide services and advice which support the University in maintaining a positive health and safety culture and compliance with legislation. Safety Services also co-ordinate risk management and business continuity management.

Range of Services

  • Recruitment and selection support
  • Induction and relocation
  • Development of HR policy and strategy
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement and reward
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Discipline and Dismissal
  • Restructuring and ‘right-sizing’ support
  • Trade Union negotiation and consultation
  • Employment law advice and support
  • Team building events
  • Leadership and Head of Department initiatives
  • Management skills workshops
  • Modern Apprentice Programme
  • Research Development support
  • ILM programmes
  • Psychometric Tools (MBTI, 16pf)
  • One to one coaching
  • Development of self-learning and e-learning materials
  • Personal effectiveness support and advice
  • Research Staff development
  • IIP reaccreditation initiatives
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Wellbeing Policy development and strategy
  • Fire, Radiation, Biological, Chemical and general safety management and legal advice
  • Accident/incident investigation
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Auditing
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Occupational Health Surveillance
  • Occupational Health Services-rehabilitation, fit to work services
  • Occupational Hygiene monitoring services
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Co-ordinate Wellbeing Programme
  • Radiation Waste management services
  • Healthy Working Lives accreditation

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Information Services

Stuart Brough (PA, Yvonne Brown)

Senior Managers
Catherine McMillan, Assistant Director, Technical Services
Michael Roberts, Assistant Director, Library & Information Resources
Bruce Rodger, Head of Infrastructure
Angela McCarrey, Head of Business Systems
Jim Campbell, Head of Customer Services
Elaine Blaxter, Head of Information Management

Information Services, IS, is made up of Technical Services and Library and Information Resources.

IS supports the University through the provision of professional IT, information and Library services across two campuses. Information Services is structured into two key areas :

Technical Services incorporates both Infrastructure and Business Systems to deliver IT provision to the University.

The Infrastructure team continues to ensure the University’s business can be enabled through a high level of core technology underpinned by a secure, resilient and reliable IT and communications infrastructure. Infrastructure work in collaboration with other University departments to improve IT infrastructure and hardware provision.

Business Systems works with business partners to develop and deliver corporate IT applications and solutions as part of major ISC projects as well as provide support and development to these systems for stakeholders across the University including Pegasus, Library systems, timetabling, student records and the Virtual Learning Environment. Business Systems also incorporates a development and Innovation team that aims to place the University at the forefront of the HE sector by investigating leading edge solutions

Library & Information Resources encompasses front facing IT support and Library services

Customer Services is focused on the provision of front facing Information Services to students and staff including all Library services, IT Helpdesk, IT Sales, Assistive Technology and IT Training.

Information Management controls activities surrounding the acquisition, organisation and management of information resources in print and electronic format. This includes provision for Archive & Special Collections, Information Governance & Compliance, information asset management and the hosting of JISC Advanced Legal Services.

Range of Services

  • Technical Services
  • Systems Architecture
  • Corporate Operations
  • Learning Space Support (including AV and Video)
  • Networking
  • Projects
  • Applications Support
  • Development and Innovation
  • Library and Information Resources
  • Library Reader Services
  • Library help
  • Research and Learning Support
  • Assistive Technology
  • IT Training
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Sales
  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Information, Governance and Compliance
  • Library Acquisitions
  • Library Cataloguing and Metadata
  • IS Communications
  • Posters Plus and Scans Plus

Marketing and Development Services


Ray McHugh

(PA, )

Head of RIO
Michelle Stewart

Head of A&D
Karen Boyle

Head of MCC
Ray McHugh

Marketing and Development Services is made up of the Recruitment and International Office, Alumni and Development Office and the Media and Corporate Communications Office.

RIO works with Faculties and external stakeholders in undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment activity - securing the University's position as one of the UK's most successful destinations for international students, and helping attract well qualified and highly motivated students to the city.

The Alumni and Development Office deepen links with the Strathclyde family at home and around the world, sustaining alumni networks which provide important support for our students. A&D staff build and maintain partnerships with individuals, corporate and businesses, and trusts and foundations.

The Media and Corporate Communications Office ensures the world knows about ground-breaking research, the achievements of students and staff, and the full range of activity within Strathclyde. MCC colleagues also have an important role in internal communications, creating a sense of common purpose and understanding within the University.

Recruitment and International Office

  • International student recruitment
  • Marketing intelligence and advice for departments and Faculties
  • International staff and student exchange programmes
  • Support for international visits
  • Development of links with international partners
  • Representation on national and international bodies and agencies
  • Liaison with Scottish Universities and government agencies on marketing Scotland to international students
  • Identifying funding support for scholarships
  • Marketing advice and support for student recruitment in Scotland, RUK and Europe
  • Management of Open Days and other recruitment activities
  • Representation at student recruitment fairs
  • Coordination of visits to schools and colleges
  • RIO supports internationalisation through student exchange and developing overseas links

Alumni and Development

  • Management of alumni databases
  • Support for alumni programmes within Faculties and departments
  • Liaison with graduate bodies in Scotland and around the world
  • Events management to support alumni engagement
  • Running telephone fundraising campaigns for alumni giving
  • Support for fundraising initiatives and development of relationships with prospects for philanthropic giving

Media and Corporate Communications

  • Coordination of media relations at an institutional level
  • Support and advice on media relations at Faculty and Departmental level
  • Provision of a photographic service for corporate publications and publicity
  • Coordination of internal communications channels including electronic and print communications
  • Maintenance and development of the University’s corporate website
  • Advice and support for the delivery of effective Faculty and Departmental Websites
  • Provision of web statistics on traffic to University web pages
  • Production of core University publications, including prospectuses
  • Advice to Faculties, Departments and Directorates on production of publications, printing, and the deployment of brand rules
  • Management of corporate events, and advice and guidance on Faculty and Departmental events
  • Management of Graduation ceremonial and honorary degrees process


Dr David McBeth (PA, Deborah Reid)

Senior Managers
Alison McFarlane, Deputy Director
Dr Stephen Armstrong, Head – R&KE
Martin Gregory, Head – International

Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) provides a range of professional services to help develop: R&KE strategy and policy; engagement with external strategic partners; commercial potential of University intellectual property; funding applications for research, KE, education and other activities; and management of contractual arrangements.

RKES is made up of a number of key teams.

Commercial Service - supports licensing of technologies and creation of spin-out companies.

Grants & Contracts - supports academic staff in pursuing external funding and completing contractual agreements.

Research & Knowledge Exchange Development - supports the strategic R&KE goals of University, Faculties, Departments and academic staff.

International Business Development - supports applications and negotiation of agreements for European and international funding across all areas.

Researcher Development Programme - helps research students and staff to develop personal, professional and career management skills.

Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network – supports students and staff in entrepreneurship and commercialisation.

Strathclyde Links – helps small businesses access University research and consultancy.

Range of Services

  • Developing strategy and policy for R&KE with Senior Managers, the Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee, and TIC Theme Leaders.
  • Providing high-level guidance and input on R&KE strategy and policy matters, including the provision and analysis of information in support of performance management and decision-making at University, Faculty, Department and research group levels.
  • Providing services to academic staff to help them promote, obtain funding for, develop, and manage their research and research–related KE activities.
  • Negotiating, managing and administering contractual aspects of research grants, together with contracts for research and knowledge exchange, and limiting the risks to the University inherent in these activities.
  • Providing the central University leadership for Researcher Development strategy.
  • Providing all staff- and funder-facing Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) services.
  • Winning and managing, on the University’s behalf, major awards providing new infrastructure for R&KE – awards like the EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account and ERDF projects to stimulate KE activities for economic benefit.
  • Identifying and protecting the University’s intellectual property rights (IPR) arising from its research results.
  • Adding value to IPR and other opportunities arising from the University’s research results, and converting these opportunities into successful outcomes such as collaborative research with industry, licensing and the formation of spin-out companies.
  • Assisting with the formation of companies, research institutes and other corporate and institutional bodies related to the University’s research base.
  • Supporting consultancy and services provided by University staff to end users such as industry and government, and to implement the University’s policies in relation to such activities.
  • Providing specialist advice and expertise to academic staff on obtaining and managing grants from the European Commission and other international funders across a wide range of areas.

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Dr Veena O’Halloran

Senior Managers
Iona Beveridge, Head of Student Experience and Enhancement Services
Cathy Milligan, Head of Learning Technology Enhancement

Student Experience and Enhancement Services comprises the University’s student administration, support and enhancement services: Student Experience; Disability Service; Careers Service; Education Strategy, Quality Enhancement and Assurance; Learning Technology Enhancement. Our purpose is to enhance the experience of our applicants and students through the provision of high quality support services, the implementation of efficient and effective business processes, and through the development of policies and strategies to achieve the University’ strategic objectives. 

Student Experience

  • Admissions
    • Processing course applications
    • Communicating with applicants
    • Liaison with UCAS
    • Student Registration
  • Systems Team
    • Supporting the efficient use and development of the electronic systems relevant to the Student Experience area.
  • Student Lifecycle
    • Creating and maintaining student records
    • Producing exam timetables
    • Creating student transcripts and certificates
  • Student Surveys
    • Coordinating and reporting on key institutional surveys including NSS, DLHE, PTES, PRES.
    • Supporting colleagues to undertake departmental surveys
  • Careers Service
    • Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance services for students
    • Career Planning support
    • Job Vacancies – part-time and vacation work
    • Job seeking and application skills
  • Equality and Diversity
    • Taking forward University strategies to support and develop Equality and Diversity
    • Working in partnership with the University community to embed effective practices that support Equality and Diversity
  • Disability Service
    • Providing advice, guidance and support to students with a disability or additional support need
    • Assessing need and recommending support strategies
    • Recommending and providing support on a range of assistive technologies and equipment
    • Working in partnership with academic teams to implement appropriate adjustments and support strategies
    • Advice and support on the Disabled Students Allowance

Support and Wellbeing

  • Information and Advice
    • General student advice and appropriate referral
    • Study Visa advice and support
    • Advice on academic appeals process
    • International student support
  • Student Financial Support Team
    • Funding difficulties
    • Tuition fee queries
    • Emergency Aid fund
    • Discretionary Funds
    • Scholarships
  • Student Health Service
    • Health information, advice and support
    • Physical and psychological health
    • Referral for specialist treatment
  • Chaplaincy
    • Multi-faith centre for those of all faiths and none
    • Facilities to worship, socialise and relax
    • Cafe
  • Student Counselling
    • One-to-one short term Student Counselling
    • Life Skills Workshops

Education Strategy, Quality Enhancement and Assurance

  • Managing and supporting the delivery of the Education Strategy and associated programme of activity outlined in the Education Strategy Action Plan
  • Managing quality enhancement and assurance activities and overseeing an appropriate application of the University academic regulatory framework to ensure a high-quality learning experience for all students
  • Coordination of learning enhancement activities, linking Education Strategy priorities with enhancements in the curriculum – including internationalisation, KE-integrated teaching and interdisciplinary activities – and managing the Education Excellence Funds used to support curriculum development
  • Analysis of the external operating environment, to ensure colleagues are well informed of relevant external drivers
  • Sharing best practice and facilitating communication around all aspects of the Education Strategy
  • Managing formal and informal education-related groups

Learning Technology Enhancement

  • Myplace support and enhancement
  • Developing and implementing new tools for effective teaching and learning
  • Supporting academic teams in curriculum design
  • Effective use of learning technologies

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Strategy and Policy

Simon Jennings (PA, Allison Shelvey)

Deputy Director
Rona Smith

The Strategy and Policy Directorate is responsible for:

  • Advising the Principal, Executive Team and Senior Management in relation to strategy, policy, strategic planning, governance and the University's Outcome Agreement
  • Providing secretariat support to the University’s Court, Senate and Executive Team
  • Obtaining, developing and analysing management information to enable the University Court and Executive Team to take informed decisions
  • Leading on University-wide governance matters
  • Co-ordinating the University's student related returns to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)
  • Facilitating business planning and external & internal performance monitoring
  • Overseeing league table and HESA performance indicator analyses
  • Ensuring compliance with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation and provision of related advice, expertise and training
  • Managing the University Record Centre, including the day to day running of the centre and providing advice, guidance and training in this area


Executive Director
Dr Steve Graham

Senior Managers
Sam Mackay, Operations Project Manager
Alison Conroy, Marketing & Business Development Manager
Fiona Deans, Research & Knowledge Exchange Project Manager

The Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) co-ordinates the links between academic themes and industry partners. Based on the University’s reputation for high quality research with industrial impact and relevance, the aim of TIC is to attract inward investment to the University, to drive global business, and create jobs - helping develop highly-qualified graduates and postgraduates.

The overall objective of the Technology and Innovation Centre is to capitalise on academic excellence, contribute to economic development and position Scotland as a global competitive player in key sectors.

TIC is about transforming the way we share knowledge and find solutions to challenges that affect every area of society.

Range of Services

  • Providing a facility to progress partnerships with academia and industry
  • Provide support for academic ‘themes’ across The University of Strathclyde
  • Promotion of Technology and Innovation Centre and the academic themes from an internal and external perspective
  • Co-ordinate design and operational aspects of building a new facility to house TIC within the University of Strathclyde
  • Facilitate the move of teams and departments into the new Technology and Innovation Centre building
  • Work with industry to understand their needs and help build partnerships within the University.