After First Year

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There are places available in University residences for students in their second or subsequent years. Applications for a further year in University accommodation must be submitted by 28 March 2014. We will hope to inform you of the outcome by the end of April.


If you decide you want to leave the campus, your choice would usually be either one of the large scale student residences in the city or a furnished tenement flat to share with friends, in either the west or east ends of the city. Strathclyde operates a web based service, (PAD - Private Accommodation Database) for students and owners of property to rent, which we share with other Universities and Colleges in Glasgow.

This database puts owners and students in touch with each other but the properties are not visited or inspected by the University; you must make your own decision. What we can do is give you help and advice about contracts, tenancy agreements, and the relevant gas safety and HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) regulations. To help you with your search, we send out to each student a leaflet called 'Finding A Home' FAH Leaflet 2014 . At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to make sure that the accommodation is suitable for your needs and meets all the relevant health and safety legislation, before you sign an agreement with the owner.

Remember that you'll have to budget for gas and electricity bills plus travelling expenses but because you are a student you won't be liable for Council Tax. You'll also have to sort out insurance cover for your personal possessions.

If possible, you should try and spend some time in Glasgow during the summer vacation to familiarise yourself with the city outwith the campus and have a look at several properties before making a decision. If you can't do this, remember to bring enough money to pay for temporary accommodation for when you first arrive in Glasgow, while you look for somewhere to stay.