GIA and annual awards 2013

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The following are Prizes awarded to students annually by the Glasgow Institute of Architects.

The J.B. WILSON Prize £50: 
This is an award made to the best student in first year assessed on the basis of portfolio work throughout the year.  This alternates per annum with the T.L. WATSON Prize of the same value.
Award:  CHRISTOPHER HUDSON                                                          
Commendation: Paschalis Kyrtsopoulos

GIA 2nd Year Design Prize £100: 
This is an award made to the best student in second year assessed on the basis of a portfolio of work throughout the year.
Award:  MARAH RAMADAN                                                          
Commendation:  Christine Turnbull

GIA 3rd Year Design Prize £100
This is an award made to the best student in a particular project in the third year, usually the main project of the year. The project is selected by university staff.
Award:  LEWIS MCNEILL                                                           
Commendation:  Stephen Dally

GIA 4th Year Design Prize £100 - Best Student in a Particular Subject:
This is an award to the best student in Design in final year, part 1: it usually goes to a fourth year student, the assessment being based in the major project of the year.
Award:  DANIEL TYLER                                      
Commendations: Sam Wilson and David Wyllie

GIA Final Year Parchment £120 - Prize for the Outstanding Student in Design in the Final Year Part 2:
This is an award made to the outstanding student in Design in Advanced Architectural Design and is awarded to the best student in the final year, Part 2 Course.  The assessment is based on the thesis project.
Award: PETER HARFORD-CROSS                                  
Commendations: Agnieszka Zagorska and Scott Porter



Alexander Mair Scholarship (£300):  SIOBHAN MCGALE
This scholarship was founded in 1966 under the will of the late Mrs Jessie Mair to commemorate her husband Alexander Mair LRIBA, FRIAS (d.1943) who was a prominent Ayrshire architect and a former student of the Glasgow School of Architecture.  It is awarded annually to a meritorious full-time student of Architecture in the University, preferably a native of Ayrshire.

Edwin Morris Prize (£100):  DOUGLAS RITCHIE     
This prize was founded in 1993 by Mrs Margaret Morris in memory of her husband Edwin Morris, BSc MSc FIWc, Reader in the Department of Architecture and Building Science 1947 to 1991.  It is awarded annually to a second year student(s) in Architectural Studies for excellence in the design of a building using timber technology.

Frank Arneil Walker BSc Dissertation Prize (£50 + book tokens donated by John Smith’s):  FRASER MAITLAND
This prize was founded in 2003 by Emeritus Professor Frank Walker to mark his retirement from the Department and to encourage the pursuit of academic writing.  It is awarded to the best dissertation project in fourth year in the field of architectural history and theory. A prize of £50 and book tokens is awarded annually.

Dissertation Prize (book tokens) (£50):   STUART RENNIE
This prize is awarded to the best overall dissertation project in fourth year. A prize of £50 in book tokens is awarded annually. 

Glasgow School of Architecture Jubilee Prize (£100):  HALIM KURNIAWAN
This prize is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Head of Department of Architecture and subject to the formal approval of the Glasgow Institute of Architects and the Trustees, to the best student in the final Honours year for the degree of BSc in Architectural Studies.