International Consortia

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The Department is engaged in a number of formally acknowledged international consortium activities. Consortium activity is an invaluable opportunity to both broaden international relations and to develop collaborative academic, theoretical, research, design and practice methodologies within the disciplines of architecture and urban design.

The following are a brief summary of ongoing international consortium activity:

The Meta-U is a consortium of 9 European partners, engaged in exchange and academic dialogue on the theme of ‘the Post-Industrial Landscape’. The Meta-U was formed in 2000, undertook to establish themed exchanges under the common title, was EU funded in this process, and continues to encourage collaboration in this area.  For details, refer to:

Partners in the Meta-U also contribute to associated consortium activity:

The Alfa programme is an association between European and South American partners.
Alfa I and II linked 4 European partners and 4 South American partners, in an EU endorsed exchange and research programme focused on the relationship of Urban Design and Urban Cultures.
Application for Alfa III has been submitted, 20121, re comparative architectural pedagogy, with the same 4 European partners and 12 South American partners. This 3 year programme has been endorsed and is due to commence in 2012.

The Department is currently engaged in a number of new consortium initiatives. Working with the following partners:
Cosanti Foundation, Arizona
Bauhaus University Weimar
Universitat der Kunst, Berlin
Technische Universitat Vienna
University of Naples Frederico II
Budapest University
University College Dublin
The Department is developing long term collaboration in the field of architectural design and enquiry.