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Why study Management at Strathclyde?

The Department of Strategy and Organisation has a long history of exciting and innovative research, knowledge exchange and teaching that gets to the heart of the practices and processes of managing – in effect, what it is to be a manager in a range of different contexts. Many of our students are already senior managers who come to us to build their portfolio of transferable skills, others are postgraduate and undergraduate students who wish to ensure they have a solid foundational knowledge about management.

You will be challenged to engage with established orthodoxies and new ideas as you meet leading academics and industry leaders who will guide and support you in your learning experience.

Graduates from the Department of Strategy and Organisation go on to lead large multinational organisations, make contributions to government bodies that influence policy, create legitimacy for charitable organisations and, generally, achieve the double hurdle of personal success and a significant contribution to society. There can be little doubt, that to study with the Department of Management is to study for a future full of limitless possibilities.