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We offer consulting services in a wide range of areas, including:

Our strategy services range from market research to business planning. We can help you develop a business model that responds to market dynamics and unlocks the potential of your assets.

We can help you identify improvements in your operating processes, supply chains and business functions. Optimising operational performance reduces waste and costs, while increasing potential value and growth.

We have specialists in a broad range of technologies with the expertise to help you create, develop and exploit technological innovations.

People, change and leadership
We can help with change management, organisational leadership, talent coaching and team dynamics. Make your organisation more efficient and effective by realising the potential of your people.

Risk management
We can help your organisation identify, understand and mitigate the risks involved in ensuring sustainable success.

Expert advice
In addition to expert reports and advice, our specialists may be available as Expert Witnesses if required.

Let us know what sort of problems you are interested in solving by submitting this brief enquiry form and our relevant specialist will get in touch, alternatively contact our Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) team on 0141 548 3707 at

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KTPs aim to meet a core strategic need of your organisation and identify innovative solutions to help your business grow.

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A consultancy-based initiative to assist organisations solve their economic, technical and environmental challenges.

Case studies

Read how Strathclyde Business School established an executive learning programme to enhance leadership, strategic planning and commercial skills for the Babcock International Group.

Learn how our KTP projects with Scottoiler helped to transform the company into a multi-product, global business.