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There are several ways in which we can assist you with your research:

Working together on a shared project in an area of mutual interest that can be co-funded between the University, your organisation and/or research agencies.

Contract research
Joint research based on your intellectual property assets, where any rights generated are usually owned by your organisation.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
A three-way project between one of our academic staff, your organisation and a recently qualified graduate who works in your organisation. Find out more about KTPs and their funding opportunities.

Let us know what sort of research you are interersted in by submitting this brief enquiry form and our relevant specialist will get in touch. Alternatively contact our Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) team on 0141 548 3707 at


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KTPs aim to meet a core strategic need of your organisation and identify innovative solutions to help your business grow.

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