Student Organisations

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Want to share a passion for poetry, acting, politics or championship origami? Whatever your interests, there's a good chance of finding like-minded people at Strathclyde. The best place to start is the student organisations and groups at the University. Find out about the main ones here.

The heart of student life

Our Students' Union is the centre of social life for Strathclyde students - it's where everyone goes to meet and relax with friends and enjoy some great nights out. The Union has bars and clubs to cater for all tastes and you'll find their prices have student budgets well in mind.

What's your thing?

With more than 50 active clubs and societies at Strathclyde, it's easy to find other people who share your interests - whether that's music, drama, sports or voluntary work. Find out more at the Clubs & Societies Group on Level 6 of the Students' Union.

did you know : the University's 3 service units - Royal Naval Unit, Officers Training Corps and Air Squadron - attract 360 students