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Advanced Chemical & Process Engineering

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This modular programme is primarily aimed at engineering students from the UK and overseas who wish to develop careers in the oil, gas, process and chemical industries. The programme meets accreditation requirements for the Institute of Chemical Engineers which would allow graduates to apply for chartered engineer status.

It focuses on Advanced Chemical Engineering with opportunities to develop core and multidisciplinary skills that will enable graduates to meet the challenges of the future.

It uses a strong project-based approach and is relevant to the recruitment needs of a broad range of employers throughout the chemical and process sectors.


The MSc requires eight taught modules, a Group Design Project and an individual Research Project working with our highly talented team of leading researchers on chemical engineering issues of the future. The Diploma requires eight modules and a Group Project, and the Certificate requires six modules.

The key areas of the programme content are as follows:

  • Chemical & Process Engineering
    • Process Design Principles
    • Safety Management Practices
    • Energy Systems
    • Colloid Engineering
    • Multi-Phase Processing
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Environmental Control Technologies
    • Process Safety Design
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Programming & Optimisation
  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management
    • Information Management
    • Understanding Financial Information

Candidates wishing to cover the same scope of subjects but be involved in a multidisciplinary Sustainable Engineering programme should apply for the MSc Sustainable Engineering: Chemical Processing pathway.

Course Duration

one year full-time

nine months full-time

six months full-time

Entry Requirements

An Honours degree, or equivalent, in a relevant engineering, technology or science discipline. Entry may be possible with other qualifications provided there is evidence of relevant experience and ability to study at an advanced level.

for Sep 2015 entry to full-time PG Diploma advanced chemical and process engineering (Admission Code : CPPD6)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

for Sep 2015 entry to full-time PG Certificate advanced chemical and process engineering (Admission Code : CPPC8)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

for Sep 2015 entry to full-time MSc advanced chemical and process engineering (Admission Code : CPMSC6)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

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The continued success of the chemical and process industries means there is growing demand for high-calibre graduates who can develop and apply advanced process technologies in a highly competitive business environment. This programme is particularly relevant to graduates in the early stages of their careers, or who may wish to progress to research degree.