Dr Mark Haw - Lecturer

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BSc Physics with Astrophysics (University of Kent),
PhD Colloidal Physics (Edinburgh)

Room:  M203
Tel:      0141 548 2719
Email:  mark.haw@strath.ac.uk


  • Fundamentals, Techniques and Tools, CP102
  • CP421 Multiphase systems
  • CP512 Communicating science and technology
  • Chemical Engineering Design, 18475

Departmental Administrative Duties

  • 1st Year Academic Year Coordinator
  • Director of Teaching
  • Department Feedback Coordinator
  • Department Evaluation Coordinator

Research Interests: Soft Matter

Research includes phase behaviour, non-equilibrium behaviour, and flow response of 'soft' materials ranging from colloidal suspensions and granular media to polymers and surfactants. Such materials show complex structure, dynamics and response on a wide range of length scales from nanoscopic to macroscopic, resulting in a wide range of functionality and applications from physics to chemistry to biology to engineering. Major current activity includes projects on jamming behaviour in the flow of concentrated suspensions and particulates; aggregation and 'self-assembly' in colloids; squeeze flow of suspensions and pastes; and generally the consequences of Brownian motion and fluctuations in materials, from nanotechnology to biological molecules such as proteins. Current funding sources include EPSRC and the Royal Society.

Research techniques include both experiment and computer modelling. We have experimental facilities for in-situ flow visualisation and measurement by microscopy and scattering, ranging from shear to channel to squeeze flows. In modelling, major activities include simple models of aggregating and gelling colloids and the consequences of 'weak' interactions (such as depletion, van der Waals, screened charge etc, all important in soft materials and biological systems); and developing better structural and dynamic descriptions of concentrated particle systems such as colloidal glasses and gels.


  • Flow-induced heterogeneity and jamming in concentrated particulates (EPSRC) - Dr Andrew Campbell
  • Squeeze-flow and dilation in particulates and suspensions (Royal Society)
  • Squeezing and tweezing soft suspensions, University Dragon’s Den / Bridging the Gaps project, in collaboration with Dr Amanda Wright, Institute of Photonics

    Selected Recent Publications

    1. M.D. Haw, ‘Volume fraction variations and dilation in colloids and granulars’ Phil. Trans. R. Soc A 367, 5167(2009).
    2. A. Campbell, R. Dryfe and M. D. Haw, 'Deposition and Aggregation of Au at the Liquid/Liquid Interface' Analytical Sci.25, 307 (2009).
    3. M. D. Haw, 'Void structure and cage fluctuations in simulations of concentrated suspensions' Soft Matter 2, 950 (2006).
    4. M. E. Cates, M. D. Haw and C. B. Holmes, 'Dilatancy, jamming and the physics of granulation' J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 17, S2517 (2005).
    5. M. D. Haw, 'Jamming, two-fluid behaviour and self-filtration in concentrated colloidal suspensions' Phys. Rev. Lett. 92 185506 (2004).
    6. M. D. Haw, 'Colloidal suspensions, Brownian motion, molecular reality: a short history' J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 14 7769 (2002).
    7. R. M. L. Evans and M. D. Haw, 'Correlation length by measuring empty space in simulated aggregates' Europhys. Lett. 60 404 (2002).
    8. M. D. Haw, M. Gillie and W. C. K. Poon, 'Effects of phase behaviour on drying of a colloid-polymer mixture' Langmuir 18 1626 (2002).

    I have recently published a popular science book, 'Middle World', on the history and science of Brownian motion (Macmillan Science, http://www.middle-world.com), have extensive interests in public engagement, and frequently write science features for magazines/journals such as Physics World, American Scientist, Nature, e.g.

    • The industry of life, commissioned feature, Physics World, Nov. 2007.
    • From steam engines to life? commissioned feature, American Scientist, Nov. 2007.
    • The real theory of everything, book review, Nature 449 (2007) 286.
    • A tale of two disciplines, commissioned comment article, Chemistry World, Dec. 2006.
    • Einstein's random walk, commissioned feature, Physics World, Jan. 2005.
    • Holographic data storage: The light fantastic,  Nature 422 (2003) 556.
    • Fermion condensates: altered states,  Nature 417 (2002) 892.

Dr Mark Haw