Prof Carl Schaschke - Professor and Head of Department

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BSc Chemical Engineering (CNAA, 1985)
PhD Chemical Engineering (Strathclyde, 1990)
CEng, CSci, FIChemE, FHEA
Carl Schaschke Resume  

Room:  M203
Tel:      0141 548 2371



  • Process Fluid Flow, 18211
  • Food Process Engineering, 18366
  • Emerging Technologies, CP511
  • Chemical Engineering Design, 18475


Research Interests: High Pressure Processing

High pressure processing has attracted considerable interest in recent years in the reaction and extraction of many substances. This group has expertise in supercritical CO2 fluid extraction, high isostatic pressure applications including structural modifications to proteins in foods and viscosity measurement of fluids from liquid foods to mineral oils and biofuels. The group has funding from industry and due to the interdisciplinary nature of the research, collaborates with scientists on projects from the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and York.


  • High pressure viscometry measurement of biofuels
  • Structural measurement of proteins at high isostatic pressure
  • Supercritical recovery of biological material from microbial cells
  • Aircraft de-icing fluid development and formulation
  • Prosthetic development and testing using biodegradable materials
  • Development of biodegradable packaging materials from starch
  • Use of nanoparticle clays in the enhancement in physical properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites
  • Evaluation of biofuel production and processes in Scotland


Selected Publications

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Dr Carl Schaschke