Designing Usable Systems

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This modules aims to develop students research level understanding of the design of interfaces for newly emerging technologies and computing domains such as ubiquitous and mobile computing, universal access and collaborative displays.

On completion of the module participants will be able to:

  • conduct observational studies of user activities and report these to a publishable standard;
  • design interactive systems using appropriate design notations;
  • assess interactive systems for usability using appropriate evaluation techniques, justify the choice of techniques and report the studies to a publishable standard;
  • understand and discuss usability issues in the research literature for emerging areas of human-computer interaction;
  • relate theirs work to work in the human-computer interaction literature;
  • understand and discuss future research directions in interface design

Indicative topics:

  • History of Tangible Interfaces
  • Pickup Usability Dominates
  • Mobile Visualisation
  • Mobile Text Entry
  • Interfaces for Public Displays
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Interfaces for Children
  • Collaborative Computing
  • Interface Development Processes
  • Mobile Interface Programming