BSc Honours Business Information Systems

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This degree produces graduates with a thorough understanding of the business context in which software engineering skills are deployed. Some 67% of study is devoted to core elements of Computer Science, with particular emphasis on Software Engineering (including programming) and Data Communications. The balance comprises Business Technology classes.

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The BSc Honours Business Information Systems degree is accredited by the British Computer Society. The degree is recognised as partially satisfying the academic requirements for CITP (Chartered Information Technology Professional) registration.

Course Structure

Year 1 : Classes cover software construction, theory and algorithms, information and information systems, computer systems and hardware. Students also take a class introducing them to the fundamentals of Business Technology and have the option of taking up to two further Business or other elective classes.

Year 2 : Further study of Business Technology is combined with classes which form the basis for advanced study of aspects of Computer Science.

Year 3 : The compulsory core of the degree develops software-related knowledge and skills in Computer Science (including a group project), together with advanced study of Business Technology.

Year 4 : Students complete an individual practical project, together with Honours classes divided between Computer Science and Business Technology.


As with other degrees based on Computer Science, employment opportunities are very bright. So far, software consultancy and technical training appear to be the favourite initial careers chosen by graduates. In the future it seems likely that many graduates will choose to work in or around the area of e-commerce.


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Sep 2015 entry to full-time BSc Hons business information systems (Admission Code : GN59)

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