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Software Engineering is the systematic development and application of techniques which lead to the creation of correct and reliable computer software. To achieve that, you need a wide understanding of the general principles which underpin not only computer software but also computer hardware and computer communications. Many of your classes are taken in common with those taking the BSc Honours Computer Science degree and it is easy in the earlier years to transfer between the two courses.

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The essential difference between the two degrees comes in the concentration of material in the later years. In particular, if you study Software Engineering you have the benefit of a year in industry (between Years 3 and 4 of the course). Thus you gain hands-on experience of different software development practices before choosing your final Honours classes.


The BSc Honours Software Engineering degree is accredited by the British Computer Society, and by the Engineering Council and the Science Council. The degree is recognised as partially satisfying the academic requirements for Chartered Engineer registration and Chartered Scientist registration, and fully satisfying the academic requirements for CITP (Chartered Information Technology Professional) registration.

Course Structure
Year 1 : Classes cover software construction, theory and algorithms, information and information systems, computer systems and hardware, together with various topics in computing and a choice of business or other elective classes.

Year 2 : Lays the foundation for advanced study in computing. Classes include Advanced Programming; Functional Programming; Logic, Languages and Algorithms; Databases and Human Computer Interaction; Computer Systems and Architecture; Professional Issues in Computing; Topics in Computing 2.

Year 3 : The main core of the degree. Classes include Building Software Systems (this involves a group project); Computer Graphics; Advanced Functional Programming; Foundations of Artificial Intelligence; Programming Language Definition and Implementation; Web Applications Engineering; Computer Systems and Concurrency.

The degree includes a twelve month industrial placement which takes place between Year 3 and Year 4.

Year 4 : The experience from your industrial placement will enable you to concentrate on the range of software classes available. All students undertake a major practical computing project, which may require involvement with one of the Department's research groups. Final-year Honours classes allow you to develop some of the concepts introduced in Year 3, as well as providing a focus for your future career.


Software engineers are widely in demand by industry, with demand for staff still far outstripping supply. Your problem-solving and group skills will also give you an edge should you choose to seek a position outwith the normal areas of computing.


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Sep 2015 entry to full-time BSc Hons software engineering (Admission Code : G600)

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