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Dr Mohamed Saafi

senior lecturer

James Weir Building

Tel : +44 (0)141 548 4569


  • Reuse of mining waste into innovative geopolymeric-based structural panels, precast, ready mixes and insitu applications (REMINE) (H2020 MCSA RISE)

    Saafi, Mohamed (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Jan-2015 - 31-Dec-2018
  • TIC LCPE Wind Turbine Foundation Research & Structural Health Monitoring (AM06)

    Niewczas, Pawel (Principal Investigator) Saafi, Mohamed (Co-investigator)

    Period 01-May-2014 - 30-Apr-2016
  • Decommissioning, Immobilisation and Storage soluTIons for NuClear wasTe InVEntories (DISTINCTIVE)

    Lunn, Rebecca (Principal Investigator) El Mountassir, Grainne (Co-investigator) Hamilton, Andrea (Co-investigator) Lord, Richard (Co-investigator) Saafi, Mohamed (Co-investigator) Tarantino, Alessandro (Co-investigator) Yang, Shangtong (Co-investigator)

    Period 01-Feb-2014 - 31-Jan-2018
  • Impact Acceleration Account - University Of Strathclyde 2012 / RA8311

    Saafi, Mohamed (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2013 - 30-Sep-2015
  • SAFE - a Systems Approach For Engineered Barriers

    Lunn, Rebecca (Principal Investigator) Saafi, Mohamed (Co-investigator) Sentenac, Phillippe (Co-investigator) Shipton, Zoe (Co-investigator) Tarantino, Alessandro (Co-investigator)

    Period 30-Sep-2012 - 29-Mar-2017
  • Visiting Professor in Innovation

    Saafi, Mohamed (Principal Investigator) Kalin, Robert (Co-investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2010 - 30-Sep-2013

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