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Representing active travel : a formative evaluation of a computer animation visualisation model showing a new walking and cycling route in Glasgow
Bill Emma, Baker Graham, Ferguson Neil, Drinkwater David, Mutrie Nanette, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design (2014)
The influence of urban form on car travel following residential relocation : a current and retrospective study in Scottish urban areas
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Access to recreational physical activities by car and bus : an assessment of socio-spatial inequalities in mainland Scotland
Ferguson Neil, Lamb Karen Elaine, Wang Yang, Ogilvie David, Ellaway Anne, PLOS One Vol 8, No. 2, (2013)
Association between long-term exposure to air pollution and specific causes of mortality in Scotland
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Community knowledge variation, bed-net coverage, the role of a district health care system and their implications for malaria control in Southern Malawi
Masangwi Salule Joseph, Grimason Anthony, Morse Tracy, Ferguson Neil, Kazembe L.N., Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection Vol 27, No. 3, pp. 116-125 (2012)
A household level environmental Kuznets curve? Some recent evidence on transport emissions and income
Cox Adam, Collins Alan, Woods Lee, Ferguson Neil, Economic Letters Vol 115, No. 2, pp. 187-189 (2012)
Sociospatial distribution of access to facilities for moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity in Scotland by different modes of transport
Lamb K.E., Ogilvie D., Ferguson Neil, Murray J, Wang Yang, Ellaway A., International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Vol 9, (2012)
Identifying villages with multiple dimensions of access deprivation : the case of Chikwawa District in rural Malawi
Kuotcha Witness, Ferguson Neil, de Langen M, Kululanga G.K., Grimason Anthony, World Transport Policy and Practice Vol 18, No. 1, pp. 12-24 (2012)
Pattern of maternal knowledge and its implications for diarrhoea control in Southern Malawi : multilevel thresholds of change analysis
Masangwi Salule Joseph, Grimason Anthony Martin, Morse Tracy Dawn, Kazembe Lawrence, Ferguson Neil, Jabu George Christopher, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol 9, No. 3, pp. 955-969 (2012)
Recreational physical activity facilities within walking and cycling distance : sociospatial patterning of access in Scotland
Ogilvie David, Lamb K.E., Ferguson Neil, Ellaway Anne, Health and Place Vol 17, No. 5, pp. 1015-1022 (2011)
Distribution of physical activity facilities in Scotland by small area measures of deprivation and urbanicity
Lamb K E, Ferguson Neil, Wang Yang, Ogilvie D., Ellaway A., International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Vol 7, No. Octobe, (2010)
Household and community variations and nested risk factors for diarrhoea prevalence in Southern Malawi : a binary logistic multilevel analysis
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Care-seeking behaviour and implications for malaria control in Southern Malawi
Masangwi Salule Joseph, Ferguson Neil, Grimason Anthony, Kazembe L.N., Morse T.D., Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection Vol 25, No. 4, pp. 22-26 (2010)
Behavioural and environmental determinants of childhood diarrhoea in Chikwawa, Malawi
Masangwi S.J., Morse T.D., Ferguson N.S., Zawdie G., Grimason A.M., Namangale J.J., Desalination Vol 248, No. 1-3, pp. 684-691 (2009)
A preliminary analysis of the Scotland-Chikwawa health initiative project on morbedity
Masangwi S.J., Morse T.D., Ferguson N.S., Zawdie G., Grimason A.M., Environment & Health International Vol 10, No. 2, pp. 10-23 (2008)
Suburbs reconsidered: form, mobility and sustainability
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Extent of capacity loss resulting from pavement distress
Ben-Edigbe J.E., Ferguson N.S., Proceedings of the ICE - Transport Vol 158, No. TR1, pp. 27-32 (2005)

Book Sections

Access to health-promoting facilities and amenities
Ellaway Anne, Ferguson Neil, Lamb Karen Elaine, Ogilvie David, In : Neighbourhood structure and health promotion pp. 117-126 (2013)
Travel and mobility
Ferguson N.S., Woods Lee, In : Dimensions of the Sustainable City No. 2, pp. 53-74 (2009)
Travel choices in Scotland - the effect of local accessibility on non-work travel
Ferguson N.S., Carreno M., Stradling S., In : Proceedings of the 2005 European Transport Conference Proceedings of the European Transport Conference (2005)

Conference Items

Accessibility, freedom of choice and diversity
Ferguson Neil, 5th International Transport Demand Management Symposium (2010)
Smartmove? the potential for workplace location change to support sustainable transport mode choice
Reid Fiona, Ferguson Neil, Mutrie Nanette, Nelson Norah, Rogerson Robert, Sadler Sue, Deuchar Ross, Lowrie R., Wang Y., Fitzsimons Claire, University of Strathclyde Research Day (2010)
Access to diversity: definition and measurement of an elusive concept
Ferguson Neil, The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2010 (2010)
Urban form and travel behaviour: a statistical analysis using current and retrospective recall data
Woods L., Ferguson N.S., To Be Ascertained (2006)
Investigating the travel behaviour of visitors to Scotland
Thompson K.J., Ferguson N.S., Scottish Transport Applications and Research Conference (2006)