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The Adult Learning Programme, here at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, acknowledges the University's mission of making learning "open to all who may benefit from it" and in so doing maintains its tradition of making available to the public an interesting and stimulating selection of study opportunities.

The Evening and Weekend Programme offers a varied portfolio of almost 200 classes, which gives the people of Greater Glasgow and the surrounding areas access to university level education.

2014-2015 Programme

The 2014/15 brochure is available now to download (pdf): Evening and Weekend Programme

The application form can be printed off separately and completed (pdf): Evening and Weekend Application Form

Alternatively, view the flipbook version of the programme here:  Evening and Weekend flipbook.


To join the mailing list for the 2014/15 printed brochure, call 0141 548 2116 or email:

Please note that a copy of the brochure will automatically be sent to students who attended an EWP class in session 2013/14, and to those who attended a class for the first time in the Summer Programme 2014.

ILAs – Latest News!

The Centre can no longer offer students the option of paying class fees up-front and then retrospectively using an ILA.  ILAs must be active i.e. the Learner Year underway, before we can enrol students, who wish to use this means of funding, for a class.  Payments made in full cannot be reimbursed.

The Objectives of the Programme Are:

* To encourage the intellectual growth of adult learners.
* To link University provision to the wider community.
* To provide learning opportunities for those who seek
   career progression.
* To provide an environment in which curiosity can be
   satisfied and skills can be mastered.

Our Classes Have:

* Open entry, no qualifications necessary.
* Liberal teaching and learning methods.
* The opportunity to accumulate credit,
   enabling progression to undergraduate study.

Enjoyable and Worthwhile

The exciting Strathclyde combination of an interesting subject, an excellent tutor and a supportive group of fellow students makes the experience of learning enjoyable and worthwhile.

So, if you want to learn a language, improve your computer skills, harness your creativity as a writer, artist or actor, these courses offer ample opportunity. Or if you simply want to know more about philosophy, art history, wine appreciation - or any one of a host of other subjects - there is plenty to choose from.

Open to all, the diverse programme provides a wide choice to inform and entertain. Credits can be accumulated towards a University of Strathclyde Open Studies Certificate.
see: Useful Information: Studying for Credit.

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