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  • For general enquiries call ext. 3333

Student Printing/Copying/Scanning

DMEM student print/copy/scan

The Department of DMEM provides student printing, copying and scanning facilities in our two main student PC areas:

  • JW308 Digital Design and Manufacture Studio (DDMS)
  • James Weir Level 7 Studio

The Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) provided support colour and up to A3 size paper for printing, copying and scanning to email.

The System

We have installed a PCounter "pull-printing" system which means that you print to a holding queue and then "pull" (retrieve) your job from any available DMEM Multi-Function Printer (MFP). 

The advantages of pull-printing are:

  • Security/Confidentiality (no sensitive documents lying around and no running to the printer after you send something confidential!)

  • Reducing costs and waste (there is often a large amount of unclaimed printing next to a print device)

  • Flexibility (if one printer is out of service you don't need to resend your job to another, you just go and retrieve it elsewhere).

  • Ease of printing on different paper stock (you don't need to load the paper and hope that nobody sends a job in the meantime).

The MFPs have card readers to make it quick and easy to authenticate to retrieve your job; you can still type in your University DS username and password if you forget your card but that is more time-consuming.  The card readers are compatible with the Door Access cards used to gain entry to the DDMS and Studio and they can also read the Information Services print cards.
PLEASE NOTE - while the same print or door entry cards can be used to register and authenticate at both University and DMEM printers, balances held on the two systems are completely separate and one cannot be used on the the other.  Please make sure when topping up credit that you do so for the correct system!

Print Charges

Scan to email is free and the printing and copying costs are:

A4 0.05 0.10
A3 0.10 0.20

All students are given an initial £2 print credit in their account to get them started.  Accounts can be topped by buying DMEM PCounter  credit through the online shop (minimum £2).

Please don't buy more credit than you need. There are no refunds for unused credit at the end of your studies.

Linking your card to your DS account

The first time you use your print card on a DMEM MFP you must associate it with your University user account. You only need to do this once or if you get a replacement card.

To link your card:

  1. Go to the nearest DMEM MFP
  2. Scan your card against the card reader (look for the label with the card symbol)
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your DS username. This is the same username as you use to log on to a University PC, e.g. dcb98765
  4. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your DS password. This is the same password you use to log on to a University PC, eduroam etc
  5. Tap the 'OK' button to link your card to your DS account

Once you have linked your card to your DS account you will only need to scan your card to print or copy. 

How to print

There are several different ways to print using the new system. You can print:

  • straight from a DMEM PC or
  • from your own computer or mobile device.

1. From a DMEM PC

On any DMEM PC there are 4 print queues which have been created to make it obvious whether you are printing Mono or Colour and Duplex (double sided) or Simplex (single sided) without having to go in to the driver settings each time to change it. Once you have linked your print card to your DS account: 

  1. Simply select the appropriate queue and send your document(s) to print as normal.
  2. Take your card to any printer. Scan your card at the card reader to collect your prints.

2. From your own computer or mobile device

There are two options for those wishing to print from their own computer or mobile device:

  • Driver (device) printing
    With this option, you install the print driver onto your own device so that you can select DMEM printer queues directly from the print dialog box on your machine. Once a job is sent you retrieve it in the same way as for printing from DMEM PCs.
    See help guide 'Adding DMEM printers to Windows laptops '. 
  • Web (upload) printing
    For this option, login to https://webprint.dmem.strath.ac.uk, upload your document(s) via the secure webpage, click the Print button and then retrieve your print job as normal.  Please read the 'WebPrint Guidance Notes ' which explain the settings, supported filetypes and limitations.


Printing documents larger than A3

The Digital Design and Manufacture Studio (JW308) has a Roland SP300 large format device which can print up to A1 as well as banner format up to 700mm wide.  To find out more about using this printing service and its costs please contact one of the lab technicians or .


Centrally Provided Student Printing

Information Services provides a similar printing/copying/scanning capability throughout the Andersonian Library and in the centrally-managed PC suites across the campus. Full details and instructions can be found on the University Student Printing page.

Please see note above about cards having different balances on DMEM and Information Services systems.