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There are a number of professional institutions that are highly relevant to the DMEM degree courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Some of the engineering institutions are responsible for accrediting the undergraduate PDE, EEM, MET, SE and PEM degrees. The IOM is responsible for accrediting the executive MSc in Supply Chain Management. 

Benefits are wide ranging from being part of a network to going on industrial visits to receiving institutional journals relevant to your modules to be eligible for prizes as well as being able to put the membership on your CV.  Membership rates are of the order of £20 per year. Many of the undergradute DMEM courses are accredited to IET (formerly IEE), IMechE and IED. Apart from the general benefits of membership, it is the first step on your path to becoming a chartered professional engineer. Membership application packs are normally available in the Design and Manufacture Studios on the 5th floor.

Here is the presentation that is given to show you the benefits of student membership of the institutions. [Professional Institute Membership info. - PDF]

Follow the links below for more information about the institutions and details of how to apply:

People to contact
Bill Ion is a good initial contacts for membership of these institutions, and knows about the benefits, the application process and the particular relevance each one has.