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Global Energy Management

MSc in Global Energy Management (GEM)

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MSc in Global Energy Management (GEM)

The global energy system is undergoing a process of rapid change. Escalating demand, constraints on supplies, increasing energy prices, regulatory pressures to reduce carbon emissions, changing demographics and patterns of energy use and supply, mean that industry, economies and societies face complex challenges and uncertainties that could become more extreme in the future.

Both government and industry need to be able to understand and adapt to this changing context, managing these transformations where possible, exploiting emerging opportunities, and acting to reduce risk. The changing energy landscape requires professionals with a global knowledge of the complex technical, economic, geopolitical and policy issues facing the global energy system.

This is an intensive course- with a small intake of students- the aim being to produce students who will be future leaders in management in the energy sector. Students will gain a rigorous analytical training and in-depth real world knowledge of the global energy system in all its facets, giving them an unrivalled edge in the energy job market.