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MSc in Applied Economics

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MSc in Applied Economics

The MSc in Applied Economics is an exciting and distinctive programme in which you will not only learn and understand the fundamental principles of Economic analysis, but will also learn to apply the insights obtained from these principles in particular contexts.  The aim of the programme is to equip students with the skills that are necessary to excel in your career as a professional Economist in the public or private sector, or as an applied Economist in a think tank or research group, for example.

The programme is oriented towards developing skills that are useful in a broad range of careers that use Economics in an applied context, rather that being focussed on training academic Economists.  It focuses on the application of techniques for acquiring and analysing information, and for supporting decision-making, problem solving and policy making in private and public sector organisations.  The programme will develop and enhance the key skills that employers of professional Economists find very desirable, acquisition of which will give you an edge in your career.

The Strathclyde MSc in Applied Economics  is an update to the department's MSc EMP programme, which was the first (and, one of only two) economics postgraduate degrees to be formally recommended by the UK Government Economic Service.