Globalization and Regional Economics

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This area has risen in prominence in recent years with grants totalling more than £1.7m from sources such as ESRC and the Scottish Funding Council.

Regions and Globalization is a Strathclyde-led research programme of the Macroeconomics, Financial Linkages and the Regions theme of the (SFC-funded) Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE). Much of the research in regional economics is conducted within the Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI), recognised by government, the media and business as the premier research unit on the Scottish economy. Regional research is also undertaken within the (SFC-funded) Centre for Public Policy for the Regions (CPPR), a joint research institute of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde.

Resulting research has been published in prominent journals such as Regional Studies, European Economic Review, Fiscal Studies, Environment and Planning, and Review of International Economics.

Recent research in this area has included:

  • multinational enterprises and foreign direct investment
  • globalization and international trade policy
  • national impact of regional policies
  • multi-level governance and the economics of devolution and fiscal decentralisation
  • regional impacts of national economic policies
  • regional growth, enterprise, R&D and productivity
  • regional and national computable general equilibrium modelling demographics
  • regional and national impacts of Higher Education Institutions

The research activities in this area of Julia Darby, Peter McGregor, Kim Swales, Karen Turner, Ian Wooton and Robert Wright have been enhanced by the recent appointments of Giuseppe De Feo, Rodolphe Desbordes, Bernie Fingleton, and Colin Jennings.