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August 2012


The future of the Jordanhill Campus

The University of Strathclyde


The closure this summer of the University’s Jordanhill Campus marks the end of an era for teacher education on the site. The University would like to acknowledge the support and encouragement it has received from the Jordanhill community. You have welcomed our students and staff from around the world and you have made them part of the community, for that we would like to say thank you.

The University recognises that the campus is an integral part of Jordanhill, and an important space for the community. We are committed to working with the community, Jordanhill School, the City Council and other partners to secure a long-term sustainable future for the site.

The campus is likely to remain a part of the University estate for the immediate future, and it is likely that any sale will be phased over a number of years. The following arrangements are being put in place:


Residents have told us that they would like to be able to continue to have pedestrian access to the site. Fencing is to be erected to secure the perimeter of the campus and control vehicular access, but residents will still be able to get in and out of the site on foot.  For security reasons, the site will have a close down time where all access will be restricted including pedestrian gates which will be closed through the night.  We are seeking guidance on suitable closing times from Glasgow City Council and it is expected that it will be similar to the local parks, schools and public amenities in the area.  Further information will follow and be posted on the campus boundaries.


The University Security staff will be based in the David Stow building.  The security of the site and people using it is a priority, and the University’s security staff will be on the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week together with the use of additional security measures such as closed-circuit television. The University has a good working relationship with Strathclyde Police, and will continue to work closely with the police to ensure the campus remains a safe and crime-free environment. Over the years, residents have helped us by reporting suspicious activity and we hope that this will continue. If you notice anything suspicious on site, the number to ring is 0141-548-3333.

David Stow Building

The University has also indicated to Jordanhill School that it can continue to use the Hall in the David Stow Building for major events such as Christmas dances and Prize giving which have traditionally been held there, pending future decisions.

Temporary Use

The University may also lease parts of the site or use it for its own needs. 


The University recognises the importance of maintaining the site and giving it a ‘cared for’ feel. The grounds will continue to be maintained. The buildings will also be maintained. It is not in the interests of the University or the community for the site to fall into disrepair. Where possible, and appropriate, buildings and playing fields will continue to be used. The University has a good working relationship with Jordanhill School which uses some facilities on campus and leases some 40 per cent of the pitches. The University is considering on what basis the remaining area of the playing fields can be actively used for sporting purposes. It will continue to work closely with the school, and other partners.

Long-term planning

It is the University’s intention to relinquish control of the site, but this will take some time.  Given the current state of the property and funding markets an outright sale to a single party is unlikely.  It is more likely that parcels of land which have been identified for development will be sold on a phased basis.  It is expected that most, if not all, of the green space within the Campus will be retained as part of any on-going development, with the playing fields in particular being retained.


The University will continually review its arrangements and, where necessary, introduce changes in the light of experience and feedback from residents and partners. Any future changes to the arrangements detailed in this briefing will be communicated.


The University values the constructive dialogue it has had with the Jordanhill Community Council, residents, Jordanhill School and other partners. It will continue to keep you informed about plans for the site. This information is available on the University website If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at: