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Coffee House Lecture Series

23 October 2014, 17:30 - 23 October 2014, 18:30

Maintaining a 200 year-old vision: can Strathclyde still be ‘a place of useful learning’ in the 21st century? Amanda Corrigan, Director of Student Experience, School of Education´╗┐

This autumn, Strathclyde continues its series of Coffee House Lectures inspired by the legacy of founder John Anderson, whose vision was of a ‘place of useful learning’ bringing education to the citizens of the city.  

2014 sees Strathclyde celebrating 50 years since the award of its Royal Charter. However, the Institution’s roots reach back to the ‘white heat’ of the Scottish Enlightenment, when the combination of caffeine, gossip and intrigue made coffee houses hotbeds of comment, debate and the exchange of new ideas. These informal talks by some of Strathclyde’s leading academics aim to invoke the spirit of the Enlightenment by inspiring curiosity, discussion and debate. 

All events will take place in Tinderbox Ingram Street. They’re free to attend, and there’s no need to register in advance. Talks begin at 5.30pm, and will be followed by an open discussion.

At Strathclyde, we believe that our students make a difference. Amanda Corrigan, Director of Student Experience in the School of Education, will discuss how its students plan, develop and lead learning and development opportunities for their peers and for the wider education community.  Amanda will also discuss the School’s innovative first-year placement scheme, which saw students commit 18,000 hours to community projects in 2013-14.

For details of the other events in the autumn series, visit the Coffee House lectures web page.´╗┐´╗┐