Bachelor of Arts - BA

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In your first year you will study three subjects. The table below shows which subjects you can study together as part of your degree programme. To progress to second year in a permissible combination of two of those subjects, you must pass each subject in your first year.

The Bachelor degree is a three year course and the Honours degree is a four year course.

English, History, Politics and Psychology may be studied to Single or Joint Honours level.

Education, French, Italian, Spanish, Law, Journalism & Creative Writing, Economics, HRM, Marketing, Mathematics and Tourism are available only as Joint Honours Programmes.

Students who want to enter the teaching profession as primary school teachers must study BA (Hons) Primary Education as a single honours subject.

BA Humanities & Social Sciences Quick Guide

J Combinations may be taken jointly for Honours and for the Bachelor degree.

P Combinations may not be continued beyond Bachelor degree level.

Shaded boxes indicate the subject combinations which are not permitted.