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The Master of Education consists of an overarching framework through which a number of different routes are possible. A number of these routes can be followed to full M Ed level.

  • Adult Guidance,
  • Autism,
  • Inclusive Education,
  • Early Years Pedagogue,
  • Management and Leadership in Education,
  • School Leadership and Management

These routes are taken by selecting from the specific menu of classes that makes up each of these awards.  Completing these routes will result in a names M Ed in the appropriate area

A number of other named routes can be taken up to PGC level.  These are:

  • Philosophy with Children,
  • Supporting Bilingual Learners in the Mainstream Classroom,
  • Supporting Teacher Learning.

Similarly, these awards are achieved by selecting from the appropriate menu of classes.

Students are able to achieve combined awards in two named areas (e.g. Educational Support and Philosophy with Children) by combining classes from both areas in accordance with the regulations for the M Ed programme.

In addition to these specialised routes, students can take a more personalised selection of classes from across the framework.  Some of these are be classes that are part of the specialised routes and some of them are classes that are part of the overall M Ed framework but do not form part of the specialised routes.  Students who opt to take a more personalised pathway can work towards one of two awards at PGC/PGD or M Ed level.  These are:

  • Education Studies,
  • Professional Practice

The distinction between these two awards is that Professional Practice focuses on applied improvements to practice, whereas Education Studies focuses on broader theoretical and research issues.  Students can also combine these more personalised awards with one of the named area above so that a student could exit, for example, with an award in Supporting Teacher Learning and Education Studies.

M Ed Programme Framework 2013-14


Prospectus, Handbook and Timetable


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Note for Students whose first language is not English: the minimum IELTS score for this course is 7.

Further Information

Course Support - 0141 444 8082

Course Leader - Dr Carey Philpott


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for Sep 2014 entry to part-time non-graduating school of education (Admission Code : EDU-NG)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

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Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

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Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.