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MSc/PgDip/PgCert Management & Leadership in Education

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The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and Strathclyde Business School co-developed this programme to meet the needs of " teachers and related professionals who aspire to, or hold, management posts in educational establishments ".

The programme provides structured support through study, workbased projects and development tasks. It extends knowledge and competence in the following key aspects of effective management:

  • Professional abilities - personal characteristics and skills of effective managers and leaders
  • Professional competencies associated with the effective management of learning, people, policy and resources in schools
  • Professional values and the policy context for educational leadership and management in Scotland

The programme is modular (20 credit modules) and consists of compulsory elements and option choices within different menus.

The compulsory modules taken at different stages of the programme are Management and Leadership in Education 1, 2 and 3.

The option choices are : 

  • Managing Learning - Managing Learning and Teaching - from Theory to Practice, Management and Leadership in Secondary Guidance and Pastoral Care, Managing Effective Learning for All
  • Managing People - Leading and Managing People, Management and Leadership
  • Managing Policy - Introduction to Quality and Performance Management, Education and the Law
  • Managing Resources - Management of Change

The Certificate is awarded on successful completion of an appropriate combination of modules amounting to 60 SCQF credits.   Award of the Diploma requires 120 SCQF credits taken from the compulsory modules MLE1, MLE2 and MLE3 and a further 60 credits from option modules.



The MSc is awarded after successful completion of a dissertation in the field of leadership and management in education. Guidance is given in the preparation of a dissertation proposal and MSc students are supported by an individual tutor. Elements of the programme may be achieved through the completion of appropriate Work-based Learning Agreements.


Requirements for completion of the programme

To obtain the Certificate you are required to satisfactorily complete the equivalent of four full modules and gain 60 SM points. To acquire the Diploma participants must satisfactorily complete the overall equivalent of eight full modules and gain 120 SM points. This is inclusive of the work done towards the Certificate.


1 - Certificate: 60 SM credits

Compulsory Modules:  
Management and Leadership in Education 1 20  SM credits
Management and Leadership in Education 2 20  SM credits
Option Choice:  
1 full module from the four main menus 20 SM credits
Total 60 SM credits


2 - Diploma: 120 SM credits

Compulsory Module:  
Management and Leadership in Education 3 20 SM credits
Option Choices:  
2 full modules from the menus not yet selected 20 SM credits each
Either 1 full module from any of the menus
Or *Methods of Professional Enquiry
20 SM credits
Total 120 SM credits

*Methods of Professional Enquiry - MPE is a compulsory module if you intend carrying on to Master's level.


3 - Master's Degree: 180 SM credits

Professional Enquiry Development (PED)
12,000-15,000 word Dissertation
60 SM credits
Total 180 SM credits


The programme is made up of a series of 20 credit modules all of which are weighted at masters level (SM) as determined by the Scottish Credit Quality Framework.  Accordingly, each full module requires, through a combination of course-based, work-based, personal study and other learning activities, a notional student effort of 200 hours and is calibrated at 20 SCQF credit SM points.

This calibration gives a benchmark which allows the interchange of modules with other programmes offered within the University.

The menus are:

Managing People;  Managing Policy;  Managing Learning;  Managing Resources.


The Menus 
MLE 1   

Introduction to Quality &

Performance Management
Leading and Managing People
MLE 2   Education and Law Management & Leadership
MLE 3      


Management of Change Managing Learning & Teaching - from Theory to Practice Methods of Professional Enquiry
  Managing Effective Learning for All Professional Enquiry & Development
  Management & Leadership in Secondary Guidance and Pastoral Care  


Advanced Standing

It is possible to enter the programme with advanced standing through the Accreditation of Prior Formal Learning (APFL). This means that if you hold equivalent and relevant qualifications or have successfully completed modules from an equivalent and relevant programme within the last 5 years then it may be possible for you to claim exemption from any part of the programme except for the compulsory core elements.

Similarly advanced standing may be claimed through the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) . This means that if you can demonstrate equivalent and relevant learning gained from previous recent work experience then it may be possible for you to claim exemption from any part of the programme except the compulsory core elements.

It is possible to obtain advanced standing up to the value of 20 credits towards the award of the Certificate and up to the value of 60 credits towards the Diploma. Claims for advanced standing should normally be made to the Programme Director on entry to the programme. Please note that it is not possible to apply for advanced standing towards the Diploma on the basis of evidence already used to obtain advanced standing towards the Certificate.

The Management & Leadership in Education Course is part of the M Ed programme, further details of the whole programme can be found at:    



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for Sep 2014 entry to part-time PG Certificate management and leadership in education (Admission Code : EDMLE)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

for Sep 2014 entry to part-time MEd management and leadership in education (Admission Code : EDMLE3)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

for Sep 2014 entry to part-time PG Diploma management and leadership in education (Admission Code : EDMLE2)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

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