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General Information

At Strathclyde, the minimum curriculum for full-time students is 60 Strathclyde credits (30 ECTS credits) for one semester and 120 Strathclyde credits (60 ECTS credits) for two semesters.

Once you identify classes which interest you, you need to have them authorised by your home coordinator.  The curricula below are giving you the current lists of classes taught in the academic year and the semester in which the classes are offered. Due to the centralisation of the timetable you will not be able to check the class times until nearer the time which is why your Learning agreement at the time of applying is 'Provisional'. Any changes carried out when you arrive at Strathclyde are normal but you will need to contact your home coordinator for suitability and authorisation. The Faculty has made arrangements for students to be awarded credit for work done.

Please note that the Faculty cannot guarantee that all classes listed will be available in a session. Changes and restrictions are made from time to time. You should check with the department to find out if a class of interest to you is offered in the semester/s when you plan to attend.

Exchange students will normally undertake level 3 classes. Exchange students are also permitted to take first and second level classes including language classes and entrepreneurship classes.

  • Law classes can only be taken by exchange students who are either taking a Law degree or majoring in Law at their Home university.
  • Psychology classes can only be taken by exchange students who are majoring in Psychology at their Home university.
  • Journalism and Creative Writing classes can only be taken by exchange students who are majoring in either Journalism or Creative Writing at their Home University.

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The English classes limit class sizes so exchange students interested in taking English classes must pre-enrol.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded for all the subjects listed from the links below. Please note that all information should be typed.


Subject List