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Mark Leiser

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Area of Interest: Cyber-Law
Supervisor(s): Professor Andrew Murray, London School of Economics; Professor Barry Rodger

Current Research

I am a PhD Student in Cyber-Law at the University of Strathclyde. I am researching the effects, limits and the legitimacy of regulation and law in cyberspace. I am currently researching what “activates” the active dot in the active/pathetic dot matrix within the context of cyber-legitimacy.  My interests are governance -Internet and Corporate, copyright, trademarks, social media and Internet Regulation.  I lecture part of Internet Law and am a tutor for Internet Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, Legal methods, and Voluntary Obligations.

Research Interests

My main research interests are within different aspects of the Internet law and policy, such as: internet governance, democracy, the role of the rule of law in the online world, social media, online privacy, and intellectual property. My research encompasses appropriate areas of Internet governance and the role of democracy in the online world as well as public/private international Law, freedom of expression in cyberspace, IP, and human rights.

Education/Academic Background

Mark is a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde. Before joining the PhD Program, Mark was enrolled in the LLB Program, where he excelled in Mooting alongside other students, founded the Alternative Law Society. He recently worked for one of Scotland's top criminal and human rights lawyers on a high-profile criminal trial and wrote submissions for the Leveson Inquiry into culture and ethics of the media. Mark leaves behind a career in finance and sales. He currently is a tutor for the undergrad LLB course, Computer, Society, and the Law. He also is a contributor to several legal articles and

Knowledge Exchange

Internet; Internet Design; Legal Writing; Law; Computer Science; Legal Documents; Research; Intellectual Property; Employment Law; Corporate Law;  Internet Strategy; Internet Services; Legal Assistance; Legal Advice ;Company Law; Computer Hardware; Computer Security; Teaching; Internet Security


The Law Society of Scotland; Scottish Young Lawyers Association; Centre for Internet Studies and Policy; Alternative Law Society; Mooting Society; Open Rights Group; European Affairs Network; Law Group for Information Technology; Semiotics of Law Group