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Studying history – the story of humanity through the ages – develops your knowledge of the past, which is essential to an understanding of the present. In addition, studying history at Strathclyde provides excellent training in a range of vocationally and professionally-relevant areas, such as problem-solving, communication, research methods and interpretation. You will learn how to write and speak confidently about problems of historical interpretation from Scottish and International contexts.

Students are exposed to lecturers involved in high-caliber historical research and the staff pride themselves on the care and enthusiasm with which they approach the teaching of undergraduates.


The knowledge and skills acquired on a History degree make graduates excellent candidates for management and other professions where analytical abilities are paramount. Employers will be particularly interested in your ability to accumulate, select, organise, synthesise and interpret a wide range of material and use it in a logical and coherent way.

History graduates enter careers throughout the public and private sectors. Among the wide range of possibilities are professional and managerial positions in banking and financial services, the civil service and government, education, industry, journalism, public relations, retailing, the media, entertainment, culture and leisure.

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