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Prof Jim Mills


Lord Hope Building

Tel : +44 (0)141 444 8225


James Mills is the Director of the Strathclyde end of the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare Glasgow (CSHHH).

Research Interests

Current research projects span two areas of activity :

  1. History of drugs and intoxicants- the research for his next monograph, Cannabis Nation: Britain, control and consumption, 1928-2008 was completed with the aid of an ESRC Research Fellowship and will be published in 2008 by Oxford University Press.
  2. South Asian Studies- he is currently the UK member of an international, cross-disciplinary team which consists of psychiatrists, philosophers and historians which is working on the archives of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore.

He has also published extensively on the history of sports and physical culture in South Asia.

Research Grants

  • June 2007
    British Academy Visiting Fellowship to host Dr Elizabeth Kolsky (Villanova University).
  • September 2005
    Strathclyde University Principals Strategic Fund/Research and Consultancy Fund (40000)
    Foundation funding for the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare, Glasgow (CSHHH), a research collaboration between Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • September 2003-2006
    ESRC Research Fellowship (£128000)
    Project Title Cannabis, Drugs and British Government 1928-2002: The History of Policy
  • September 2002
    British Academy Conference Grant (£2000) and Wellcome Trust Grant (£3000)
    Conference Drugs and Empires (Strathclyde University April 2003).

Research Supervision

Projects currently supervised include an analysis of militarized bodies in Britain WWII, an investigation into post-war policies on those with learning difficulties, and a survey of factors affecting morbidity and mortality in inter-war Glasgow.

Teaching Interests


  • Magic Bullets and Dangerous Drugs: the social history of medicinal substances and the modern world.
  • Empires and India: south Asia 1526-1857 (Honours Module).
  • Madness in the Modern World, (Hons Special Subject).


  • Britain's Empire: Perspectives from Scottish archives, (M.Sc. in Social History Module).

Publications since 2000

  • Monograph, Cannabis Britannica: a social and political history of cannabis and British government, 1800-1928 (Oxford University Press Oxford 2003). Reviewed by Zaheer Baber (TLS 12/12/2003); Bernard Porter (LRB 04/03/2004); David Arnold (THES 19/12/2003), Virgina Berridge (EHR 9/2004), Alex Mold (Business History Review 9/2004).
  • Monograph, Madness, Cannabis and Colonialism: the 'native only' lunatic asylums of British India, 1857 to 1900, (Palgrave Basingstoke 2000). Reviewed by Mark Harrison (Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 2, 2, 2002); Michael Worboys (Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History); David Arnold (Social History of Medicine 15, 3, 2002); Satadru Sen (IHR Reviews in History).
  • Book (editor) with Patricia Barton, Drugs and Empires: Essays in modern imperialism and intoxication, (Palgrave Macmillan 2007).
  • Book (editor), Subaltern Sports: Politics and Sport in South Asia (Anthem South Asian Studies Series London 2005).
  • Book (editor) with Satadru Sen, Confronting the Body: The politics of physicality in colonial and post-colonial India, (Anthem South Asian Studies Series London 2004).
  • Book (editor) with Paul Dimeo, Soccer South Asia: empire, nation, diaspora, (Frank Cass 2001).
  • Edited Collection (editor) with Paul Dimeo in Contemporary South Asia journal on the theme of sport in south Asia. Includes article, 'The Historiography of Sport in South Asia' (3, July 2001).
  • Article, Drugs, consumption and supply in Asia: The case of cocaine in colonial India, c. 1900 to c. 1930 in Journal of Asian Studies, 66, 2, 2007.
  • Article, "Manipur Rules Here": Gender, Politics, and Sport in an Asian Border Zone in Journal of Sport and Social Issues 30, 2006.
  • Article, Cannabis in the Commons: Colonial Networks, Missionary Politics and the origins of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission 1893-4 in Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 6, 1, 2005.
  • Chapter, Cannabis in Colonial India: consumption, production, state intervention and resistance in the nineteenth century in M. Steinberg and J. Hobbs (ed.), Dangerous Harvest: Drug Plants and the Transformation of Indigenous Landscapes, (Oxford University Press New York 2004).
  • Article, Poisons, the Police and the Pharmaceutical Society: cannabis and the law in the 1920s in The Pharmaceutical Journal, 269, December 2002.
  • Article, The History of Modern Psychiatry in India: 1795 to 1947 in History of Psychiatry, 4, 2001.


  • The Infantry and Immunisation: The case of typhoid inoculation, 1896-1914

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2013 - 31-Aug-2014
  • POST Fellowship entitled Minimising the Social Harms of Khat for Luke Gibbon

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 08-Apr-2013 - 07-Jul-2013
  • Reframing Drink and the Victorians: The Consumption of Alcohol in Britain 1869-1914

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2012 - 31-Aug-2015
  • Narcotic Culture: Drugs, consumers and society in South Asia, 1857 to 1947’

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2012 - 31-Aug-2013
  • CSHHH Enhancement

    Barton, Patricia (Co-investigator) McIvor, Arthur (Co-investigator) Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Jul-2008 - 30-Jun-2013
  • Exploring Medical Advertisements in Colonial North India, 1850-1947

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-May-2008 - 30-Sep-2008
  • Colonial Justice: White Violence and the Rule of Law in British India

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2007 - 31-Dec-2007
  • Establishing the Medical Administration of Empire: Careers and Indentities in the Colonial Medical Services in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania before 1939 - Anna Crozier

    Mills, James (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Jul-2007 - 30-Jun-2008

Dr James Mills
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