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Emotion and trauma in reporting disaster and tragedy
Duncan Sallyanne, Newton Jackie, In : The Future of Humanitarian Reporting pp. 69-74 (2014)
Anti-social e-tribes : e-gangs, cybercultures and control in online communities
Rogerson Robert, Rogerson Robert, Sadler Sue, Karagiannidou Eleni, Duncan Sallyanne, Ruthven Ian, Tagg Stephen, McDiarmid Alisdair, In : Cyberculture Now No. 1, pp. 55-67 (2013)
Hacking into tragedy : exploring the ethics of death reporting in the social media age
Newton Jackie, Duncan Sallyanne, In : The Phone Hacking Scandal No. 1st an, (2012)
Professional and ethical issues in reporting the traumatic testimony of women asylum seekers
Diamond Pauline, Duncan Sallyanne, In : Trauma, Media, Art pp. 194-210 (2010)