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The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice is essential for entry to both the solicitors' and advocates' branches of the profession and meets the requirements of the Law Society of Scotland's Professional Education and Training Stage 1 (PEAT 1).

The Diploma is a vocational course on which you will learn the ethical rules, practical knowledge and personal skills required of lawyers in Scotland.  During the Diploma you will be introduced to the practices, values and attitudes of the legal profession.  You will find a sharp shift in focus from undergraduate academia, with its intricate theoretical concepts to intensive skills-based learning and professional training.  We train our students to be practising lawyers.  We seek to produce professional trainees with a thorough knowledge of legal principles and a proper appreciation of the practical context within which they are applied. 

We place great importance on preparing our Diploma students for what really happens in legal practice.  We emphasise collaborative learning and transactional learning throughout the Diploma, which gives our students hands on experience of the reality of work in an office environment.  Our graduates are well equipped for the job market whether that is in the legal profession or in other fields.´╗┐

Stewart Bell, Full Time DPLP Student 2011/12

"I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the Diploma course at Strathclyde. All of the subjects took a very hands-on approach and allowed me to develop my skills in areas such as advocacy, negotiation, interviewing and drafting. The opportunity to work in a “virtual firm” was also a great experience and I feel it’s helped to develop my ability to work as part of a team, something which will no doubt benefit me when I start my traineeship´╗┐"

Sarah Walker, Full Time DPLP student 2012/13

“I was a solicitor in the forensic criminal trial.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and now I feel I will be prepared when I go into court as a solicitor.  I have a greater understanding of the whole court process.”

Anthony Bone, Part time DPLP student 2012/13

“Working in firms works really well although much depends on ability of firm members to communicate. Self & peer assessment gives an opportunity to ensure that a proper balance is maintained in terms of relationships and commitment to workloads.  Webcasts are of excellent quality in preparation, delivery and content and enable great flexibility for those of us in full-time employment (not to mention full-time family commitments) as we can access webcasts at any time of the day at home or at work.”

Stephanie Orr, Full time DPLP student 2012/13

"Working as a lawyer within the virtual town of Ardcalloch has been a very lifelike experience and I felt that our law firm became real.  It gave me confidence sending out letters and corresponding about a case in the way I anticipate I will be required to do in practice."

for Sep 2015 entry to full-time PG Diploma professional legal practice (Admission Code : LSPD1)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

for Sep 2015 entry to part-time PG Diploma professional legal practice (Admission Code : LSLPPT)

Postgraduate entry requirements are in our prospectus.

More Information

Diploma Information Evening 2015

Wednesday 4th March 2015 at 5.30pm, GH514, Graham Hills Building, 50 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QE

If you wish to attend, please email Tracy Reavey