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International Economic Law

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The development of the global trading system has created an increasingly sophisticated system of trade and related rights. This system not only governs relations between states, but also impacts upon relationships between states and individuals.

At both the policy and practical level, there is tension and contestation surrounding the function and role of international institutions such as the World Trade Organisation [WTO]. There is a question mark, for example, surrounding the relationship between the world trading system and other systems of political and civil rights such as human rights, environmental protection and the right to health.

These debates are not confined to the realm of academia. Accordingly, the highest ‘court’ of the WTO has opined that decisions must take into account, “[h]uman societies as they actually exist, in other words … in the real world where people live and work and die.” [WTO Appellate Body Report, EC-Hormones, paragraph 187]

This LLM in International Economic Law offers you the opportunity to explore further how International Economic Law deals with ‘real world’ challenges. As a student you will explore analytical framework for understanding the fundamental rules and principles underpinning International Economic Law. In addition to undertaking advanced study of the International Economic Law system, you may also choose from a range of elective modules from outside the Law School. This gives you the benefit of some flexibility to tailor your degree to suit your intended career path.

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme
The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme has been set up to fully fund students from selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America to undertake one-year postgraduate courses at UK universities on specific programmes related to areas in which these countries experience significant skills gaps, particularly the oil and gas industry. The Scheme is managed by the British Council for Tullow Oil, and is aligned with Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in countries where it operates. Scholarships will be awarded to those students that can best demonstrate ambition, entrepreneurial and creative spirit and leadership skills, and a commitment to making a contribution to their own country’s development. The courses eligible for this scholarship within the Law School are LLM International Economic Law and LLM International Law and Sustainable Development.

Further information about the Scholarship and a link to the application form can be found at the following link:https://tullowgroupscholarshipscheme.org/parent.php?root=about&id=23015

Deadline: The deadline for applications for 2014/15 entry has now passed. Application for 2015/16 entry will open in January 2015.


for Sep 2016 entry to full-time LLM international economic law (Admission Code : LSLM10)

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