Law with a Modern Language

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This Joint Honours degree allows you to combine law and one of the following languages : French, Italian or Spanish.

It requires five years of full-time study, including a compulsory year abroad at a law school or the law faculty of a university of the appropriate country. The curriculum followed at Strathclyde and the foreign institution places equal weight on the study of law and the language and culture of the target country.

Career Opportunities 

All our LLB graduates satisfy the professional requirements of the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates to proceed to the post-degree stages of professional training required to become a practising lawyer in Scotland.The single European market and the mutual recognition of legal qualifications in the EU member states allows lawyers to practise their profession outside their national jurisdictions (often on completion of a short conversion course) and graduates of the LLB in Law and a Modern Language are well-placed to work professionally n the country of the language they have studied. Knowledge of the law, legal system and language of at least one other EU member state greatly enhances their career opportunities in the fields of industry, commerce, banking and accountancy, central and local government.

Mode of Study