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Contact Details

Prof Mark Poustie


Lord Hope Building


Tel : +44 (0)141 444 8405


  • Vice-Dean (Internationalisation), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Biographical Summary

MA (Edin), LLB (Edin), DipLP, DipTrans, Solicitor, joined the Law School in 1992 became a professor of law in 2003. Head of the Law School 2007-2013.  Presently Vice-Dean (Internationalisation), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Prior to joining the Law School he qualified as a solicitor in Scotland with Brodies WS, taught part-time in Classics and Law at the University of Edinburgh and worked as a government linguist at GCHQ.


Professor Poustie is presently Vice-Dean (Internationalisation) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  He convenes the Faculty’s Internationalisation Group and serves on the Faculty Management Team, the Faculty Strategy Committee, the Faculty Board of Study, the University’s Internationalisation Committee and the University’s Leadership Group. He was formerly Head of the Law School from August 2007 to July 2013 and Deputy Head of the Law School from May 2005 – July 2007.  He has served on every committee in the Law School during his period at the Law School and convened a number of them.  He served on the University Senate from 1998-2001 and 2007-13 and the University Court in 2009-10.


Professor Poustie’s research interests lie principally in environmental (international, EU, domestic and comparative) and land use planning law as well as human rights law particularly in those contexts.  He is interested in regulatory forms and techniques and how regulation can be improved to help in securing better outcomes while maintaining its legitimacy and accountability.  A particular theme of his research since 2004 has been the notion of environmental justice and whether environmental regulation can assist in securing environmental justice.  This led to funded research for both the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment Agency.  Professor Poustie’s interest in regulatory forms also extends to the comparative dimension which he is intending to take forward.  See Publications for more information.


Professor Poustie welcomes PhD applications within his research fields shown above.  His past and present PhDs include:

  • Anna McLauchlan – Environmental Justice as a Policy Objective (achieved 2010)
  • Tinashe Madebwe – A Framework for Achieving Consistently Effective Expedited Protection of the Global Environment (achieved 2012)
  • Faqir Irfan (University of the Punjab) – Legal and Economic Solutions to Negative Environmental Externalities From Tanneries in Pakistan – A Case Study of the Kasur District (2008 - present)
  • Saheed Alabi – Using Litigation to Enforce Obligations under the global Climate Change regime (2009 – present)
  • Uzuazo Etemire – Public Participation in Environmental Governance in Nigeria: Lessons from International and European Initiatives (2010 – present)
  • Jingjing Zhao – A Norm Conflict Perspective on the Relationship between Two International Treaties which Deal with the Same Subject – A Case Study of the Regulation of Transboundary Movement of GMOs under the SPS Agreement and the Biosafety Protocol (2010 – present)
  • Eloamaka Okonkwo – Enhancing the Enforcement of Environmental Law in Nigeria to Assist in Addressing Environmental Injustices in the Niger Delta (2012 – present)
  • Yolanda Huang - Could the legal framework for the trade in international waste promote sustainable development to a greater extent? (2013 – present)

Teaching Interests

Professor Poustie’s teaching interests lie principally in the fields of environmental, planning and human rights law.

However, he is not currently undertaking any teaching duties as a result of his Vice-Dean role.


External Responsibilities

Professor Poustie has lectured at John Marshall Law School, Chicago and Vermont Law School, USA, at the Eotvos Lorand (Budapest), Miskolc, Pecs and Szeged Universities, Hungary, at the Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu, Novy Sacz, Poland and at Peking University Law School, Fudan University Law School, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Law School and Zhejiang Guanghua Law School, China.

Professor Poustie is currently external examiner for undergraduate environmental law classes at the University of Glasgow.  He served as external examiner of the University of Edinburgh’s undergraduate public law classes 2008-2012; the Nottingham Law School/Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLM in Environmental, Planning and Regulatory Law from 2004-2010, and as external examiner of a wide range of LLB and LLM classes at City University, London from 2006-2011 at Abertay University, Dundee from 2006-2010 and at Glasgow Caledonian University from 2002-2006.  He has acted as external examiner of PhDs at the Universities of Aberdeen, Aberystywth and Cardiff.

Professor Poustie is also currently Scottish Editor of the Environmental Law Reports (Sweet and Maxwell, 1999 - present).  In addition he serves on the Editorial Board of the Edinburgh Law Review.  He formerly served as Scottish Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law (Sweet and Maxwell) (1997-2006) and as Scottish Editor of the UK environmental law journal, Environmental Law and Management (John Wiley and Son)(1996-2001) and also served on the Editorial Board of Scottish Planning and Environmental Law from 2010-12.

Professor Poustie has also served in an advisory capacity to governmental bodies, notably (1) as a member of the then Scottish Executive Steering Group on Widening Rights of Appeal in the Planning System (2003-2004) which advised the then Executive on its consultation paper, Rights of Appeal in Planning (2004) which canvassed views on the possible introduction of a third party right of appeal in the planning system in Scotland; (2) as a member of a stakeholder group advising the then Executive on issues raised in their White Paper, Modernising the Planning System in 2005; and (3) as a member of the Sustainable Development Research Network Expert Advisory Group on Environmental and Social Justice (2004-5) which advised an interdepartmental Whitehall committee established by DEFRA on developing the environmental and social justice aspects of the UK’s new sustainable development strategy, Securing the Future (2006).

Professor Poustie was elected to the governing Council of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) and served from 2007-2010 in the role of UK Regional Group Convenor responsible for promoting the activities of UKELA in the various regions of the UK.

Finally, Professor Poustie serves on the Law Society of Scotland’s Environmental Law Committee, and in particular serves on the panel reviewing applications by those seeking to become environmental law specialists in Scotland.  He also chaired the Scottish Qualification Authority’s Paralegal Education Steering Group.


  • Managing Indiviual Workplace Conflict (contrib to ESRC seminar series)

    Poustie, Mark (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2012 - 30-Sep-2013