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From international conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, through elections in the UK and Scotland, to urban policies in Glasgow, politics is a broad discipline that encompasses the study of truly diverse issues.

As a politics student, you will analyse the activities of decision makers and governing institutions and how they are linked to citizens and groups at multiple levels of decision-making. You will study ideas about the nature of politics and how power is conceived and exercised; and how policies are made to deal with conflicts at local, national and international levels. Students of politics are, therefore, well equipped to understand the world they live and work in, and can choose from a wide range of career opportunities.

Teaching Quality

In successive National Student Surveys our students have recorded an overall satisfaction rating of 91 per cent in 2007 and 2008 and 94 per cent in 2009. At the last national Teaching Quality Assessment in Scotland, the Faculty achieved the only 'Excellent' grade to be awarded for Politics in Scotland.

Career Opportunities

The choice of a politics degree opens up an extensive range of career options. Politics graduates are employed in management, teaching, the media, sales and advertising, local government, further and higher education and social work. Employers are particularly interested in the high-level written and verbal skills of Politics graduates, and their ability to research and analyse information.

Courses in Politics are recognised in the training of Modern Studies teachers, and a Politics degree is also particularly appropriate for entry to the civil service. Students who specialise in research methods acquire social science research skills and expertise in the use of computers, while the study of institutions is an extremely good background for those entering government service or communications, e.g. journalism, television and advertising.

Knowledge of the political process is useful in an industrial or business career and the degree provides a route of entry into industrial and business traineeships. There is also a tradition of Strathclyde Politics graduates entering academic research careers in Britain, Europe and North America.

Mode of Study