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Contact Details

Dr Daniela Sime

senior lecturer

Lord Hope Building

Tel : +44 (0)141 444 8678

Biographical Summary

Daniela Sime joined the University of Strathclyde in 2005, having worked previously as a research fellow at the Centre for the Child and Society, University of Glasgow, and in the School of Education, University of Stirling. Before coming to Scotland in 1999, Daniela was a primary school teacher in Romania.

Research Interests

Daniela has a range of research interests, with a particular focus on the issues of equality and social justice and children and young people’s lives. She has recently completed two ESRC-funded grants, one with a focus on the experiences of Eastern European migrant children in Scotland and another examining the role of multi-agency approaches to tackling child poverty, funded through the Engaging with Scottish Local Authorities Scheme.

Daniela's detailed research interests concern:

  • approaches to tackling child poverty and inclusion of marginalised groups;
  • children as service users and their involvement in consultation about service improvement;
  • multi-agency working and collaboration between services;
  • parental involvement in children's learning, especially in relation to families affected by poverty;
  • migration and its impact on children’s educational opportunities, well-being and family and peer relationships;
  • inclusion of ethnic minority groups in education, with a focus on Eastern European migrants and Gypsy Travellers;
  • methodological and ethical issues in doing research with children and young people;
  • knowledge exchange and user involvement in research.

Research and Knowledge Exchange Grants

Daniela is currently involved as co-investigator in a programme funded by ESRC’s National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) entitled ‘Dancing with new partners: developing novel research methods to establish and monitor impacts of user engagement in times of austerity’ (PI: Prof. Irene Hardill , University of Northumbria). The programme will run for a year from October 2011, and will bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the challenges to user engagement and impact in a period of economic austerity.

In the last five years, Daniela has been principal investigator on a range of grants, including:

  • A knowledge exchange event as part of the ESRC’s Social Sciences Festival, entitled ‘Children on the margins: Supporting vulnerable families through multi-agency services’ (Grant value: £1,800; Event date: 2nd Nov 2011)
  • A scoping study entitled ‘Intergenerational learning in Polish families’ funded by a grant from the Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice (SCIP), supported by the Scottish Government; (Grant value: £,7500; Duration: Jan-Dec 2011; Researcher: Emilia Pietka)
  • • An ESRC/SFC/LARCI-funded knowledge exchange programme under the ‘Engaging with Scottish Local Authorities Scheme’ conducted in partnership with Glasgow City Council, West Dunbartonshire Council and Save the Children, entitled ‘Co-ordinating service provision and improving life changes for children in severe poverty’ (Grant value: £99,400; Duration: Sept 2009-Jan 2011; Grant ID: RES 809-19-0020; CIs: Dr. Graham Connelly, Dr. Neil McGarvey, Liz Seagraves). See more information on the project website
  • An ESRC-funded project under the ‘First Grants’ scheme examining children’s experiences of migration in Scotland, entitled ‘At Home Abroad: The life experiences of children of Eastern European migrant workers in Scotland’ (Grant value: £189,500; Duration: Jan 2008- May 2010; Grant ID: RES 061-25- 0121; Researcher: Dr Rachael Fox). See more information on the project website
  • An evaluation of home-school partnerships in early years in West Dunbartonshire Council (Funders: West Dunbartonshire Council/Save the Children; Grant value: £15,000; Jan-Sept 2009);
  • A scoping study on ethic minority parents’ involvement in their children’s education (Funder: University of Strathclyde’s Research Fund; Grant value: £4,000; Mar-Sept 2008)
  • A scoping study on Gypsy/Traveller children’s learning experiences and opportunities of access to formal education (Funded by Save the Children; Grant value: £2,400; Sept-Nov 2007);
  • A small scale project entitled Improving educational outcomes for children living in poverty through parental involvement in primary schools (Funded by Save the Children; Grant value: £8,000; Jan 2007-June 2008)

Previously, Daniela has worked as a Research Fellow on a range of projects, to include:

  • A study on the impact of poverty on children and young people's uses of public, private and voluntary services (Big Lottery Fund grant; PI: Prof Malcolm Hill, University of Strathclyde)
  • A project on the ways in which adults can enhance children's interactions with ICT in nurseries and in homes, entitled Interplay: Play, Learning and ICT in pre-school education (ESRC grant; PI: Prof Lydia Plowman, University of Stirling)
  • A study on children's access to technologies at home and their parents' perceptions of children's use of ICT; the project focused on the role of pre-school access to ICT in combating learning disadvantage in primary schools (BECTA grant; PI: Joanna McPake, University of Strathclyde)
  • A study of trainee teachers' perceptions of the uses of ICT in schools, with a focus on learning to teach with ICT and on using ICT in teacher training (PI: Dr. Mark Priestley, University of Stirling)
  • A case study of introducing formative assessment in primary schools in Scotland (PI: Dr. Mark Priestley, University of Stirling)

Teaching Interests

Daniela teaches on the following courses:

  • Educational Doctorate (EdD) Programme
  • MSc in Equality and Discrimination
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Undergraduate ITE courses (BEd)

She is the co-ordinator of the Doctoral Researcher Development Programme for postgraduate students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and course director for the MSc programme in Equality and Discrimination.

Research Supervision

Daniela is interested in supervising postgraduate research in any of the research areas above mentioned. She currently supervises the following students:

  • Konstanze Spohrer (PhD student) - Topic: Young people’s discourses on aspiration and their negotiation in the school context
  • Sultan Althalhab (PhD Student) – Topic: Approaches to vocabulary teaching in EFL classes in Saudi Arabia
  • Elizabeth Gair (EdD student) - Topic: Attitudes to transition from primary to secondary in Scotland
  • Margaret McKenna-Black (EdD student) - Topic: The teaching of home economics in Ireland
  • Aneela McKenna – Topic: Equality policies in the Scottish public sector
  • Nabu White – Topic: The views of foster carers and practitioners on equality and discrimination training provision
  • Eeva Sarkkinen- Topic: Child detention in the case of asylum seeking families

University Responsibilities

Daniela Sime convenes Children, Young People and Families Research Network, a multi-disciplinary network of academics, practitioners and students with an interest in research, policies and practice in relation to working with children and families.

Daniela is member of the Research Enhancement Group, with a remit to promote inter-disciplinary collaborations across Faculties and with other universities, and is also involved in the Researcher Development Implementation Group, with a remit to develop research training skills for postgraduates and early career researchers across the University. She has direct responsibility for co-ordinating the Doctoral Researcher Development Programme in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Other esteem indicators


  • UK Research Councils: Member of the virtual college of peer reviewers for grant proposals and knowledge exchange proposals
  • Reviewer for other research funders: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Big Lottery Fund
  • Member of the following professional associations: Social Policy Association (SPA); British Education Research Association (BERA); European Education Research Association (EERA); Migration Network UK; Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Child Poverty Action Sub-Group, run in partnership by Glasgow City Council and the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Reviewer for peer reviewed journals, including the Scottish Educational Review, Journal of Social Work, Journal of Social Policy, American Educational Research Journal, Linguistics and Education, International Review of Applied Linguistics.


  • BTG: Promoting the health and well-being of ethnic minority families in Glasgow

    Sime, Daniela (Academic) Quinn, Neil (Academic) Meer, Nasar (Academic) Da Lomba, Sylvie (Academic) Garvey, Brian (Academic) Fassetta, Giovanna (Academic) Siebelt, Lindsay (Academic)

    Period 16-Jun-2014 - 15-Jun-2015
  • BTG: Navigating the multilingual city: a case study of Glasgow past, present and future

    Cooke, Philip (Academic) Fantoni, Gianluca (Academic) Nickson, Dennis (Academic) Sime, Daniela (Academic) Smyth, Geraldine (Academic)

    Period 01-Mar-2014 - 31-Aug-2014

    Stalker, Kirsten (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2012 - 30-Sep-2016
  • Children On The Margins: Roma Migrant Childrens Experiences Of Schooling

    Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2012 - 31-Jan-2014
  • Supporting Eastern European Migrant Families Through Effective Service Delivery: A Knowledge Exchange Programme (Follow On Fund)

    Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Mar-2012 - 28-Jun-2013
  • Children On The Margins: Supporting Vulnerable Families Through Multi-Agency Services In Times Of Austerity

    Seagraves, Elizabeth (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 29-Oct-2011 - 05-Nov-2011

    Connelly, Graham (Co-investigator) Fee, Jacqueline (Co-investigator) McGarvey, Neil (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Sep-2009 - 14-Apr-2011
  • Improving Outcomes for Children in Poverty through Home-School Partnership in the Early Years

    Connelly, Graham (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 16-Feb-2009 - 15-Oct-2009
  • At home abroad: the life experiences of Eastern European migrant workers in Scotland

    Baron, Stephen (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2007 - 31-May-2010
  • At home abroad: the life experiences of Eastern European migrant workers in Scotland

    Baron, Stephen (Co-investigator) Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2007 - 31-May-2010
  • Polish migrant children's uses of public and private services in Scotland

    Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Jun-2007 - 30-Nov-2007
  • At home abroad: Life experiences of children of migrant workers in Scotland

    Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator)

    Period 01-Oct-2006 - 30-Sep-2009

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