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Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, with more than 330 million native speakers in over 20 countries, including more than 40 million speakers in the USA . By studying Spanish, you will learn about some of the most vibrant and exciting cultural developments of the 20th and 21st centuries, from Latin American winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, to the groundbreaking films of contemporary Spanish directors. As a student in Spanish at Strathclyde, you will have the stimulating challenge of engaging with other cultures through the medium of their language, and the opportunity to work or study in Spain or Latin America. Languages are taught in a friendly atmosphere where every student receives the personal attention they need.

We place an emphasis on high-level professional and transferable skills, such as making presentations, writing reports, interpreting and translating, all of which will help to prepare students for a wide range of careers. Spanish can also be studied within the BA (Honours) in International Business and Modern Languages offered by the Strathclyde Business School


Recent graduates in Spanish are currently working in a variety of environments around the world. Many of our former students are successful journalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, education professionals, business executives, professional linguists, researchers, IT experts and civil servants. Languages graduates are also highly sought-after as interpreters and/ or translators. Language graduates have a range of transferable skills which are of great value to employers. These include advanced spoken and written ability, competence in interpreting and/or translating, and a high-level ability in a range of other important communication skills.

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