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The BSc (Hons) in Speech and Language Pathology is a four-year Honours degree programme which covers four subject areas: speech and language pathology, linguistics and phonetics, psychology, and medical sciences. The practice placements are integrated with theoretical teaching throughout the four years of the course.

Course Ethos

The fundamental aim of the Course is to facilitate the development, integration and application of the knowledge and skills relevant to the varied roles of the speech and language therapist. The integration of academic study and clinical practice is important to achieving this goal.

The speech and language therapist requires knowledge of normal behaviour and the changes which occur throughout life, and knowledge of the major conditions, developmental and acquired, with which communication difficulty is associated. This knowledge enables therapists to identify communication disorders in children and adults and to recommend and implement appropriate management. Communication disorder is diagnosed and managed with reference to the total care and needs of the individual and with regard to the environment, education, and rehabilitation.

Given the limitless variation in clinical presentation, the student cannot study and encounter every situation that may occur within Speech and Language Therapy work. However, students should be equipped with relevant transferable skills and knowledge of how to seek and appraise the required information.

The successful completion of the BSc (Honours) in Speech and Language Pathology is therefore viewed as the preliminary stage in the educational process which continues throughout the therapist’s professional life. Although the purpose of the Course is preparation for a career in Speech and Language Therapy, the Course aims for a learning experience and personal development that will equip the graduate for further study.

The course is aligned with:
HCPC Standards of Education and Training
RCSLT Standards for Practice Based Learning


Speech and language therapists are often employed within the NHS. Our graduates work closely with colleagues in education and health and are based in hospitals and in the community, in city and rural locations. Recent graduates hold posts as speech and language therapists in: a stroke rehabilitation unit, schoolage special needs team, acute hospital, bilingual team, preschool language unit, and a resource centre for adults with learning disabilities. Some graduates also undertake research leading to Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

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