Centre for Elections and Representation Studies (CERS)

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CERS brings together the many scholars within the School of Government and Public Policy with an interest and expertise in studying empirically how elections and democracy actually work. It has expertise in voting behaviour, electoral systems, social and political attitudes, political parties and parliaments. Many of its members also have considerable experience and expertise in undertaking social surveys.

The centre is primarily interested in the 'mature' democracies of Europe, North America and Australasia, with particular expertise in the United States and Germany as well as the United Kingdom.

CERS has a particular interest in the impact of devolution on Scottish politics. The ESRC funded 2011 Scottish Election study was based at the Centre for Elections and Representation Studies.

More details on the centre may be found in the CERS Leaflet .

The members of the centre are:

  • Professor John Curtice (Director)
  • Professor David Judge
  • Dr Stratos Patrikios
  • Dr Wolfgang Rudig
  • Dr Mark Shephard

Further details of their work can be found by clicking on their name.

The Centre has hosted several major international conferences since it was launched in 2009. For more details, see the Conference News section (at the top right of this page)