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The Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society works to bring about change in children's lives by highlighting and promoting understanding of their views of the world and acting as a bridge between them and the worlds of policy and decision makers.

The following is just a small selection of Centre publications and materials produced by or involving Centre staff.

 Youth Justice and Child Protection front page

Youth Justice and Child Protection Edited by Malcolm Hill, Andrew Lockyer and Fred Stone

This book is an examination of recent developments in the areas of youth justice and child protection.  It investigates how well young people and the societies in which they live are served by judicial and service systems.  Consideration is given to those in care - in young offenders' institutions, foster families and residential homes - as well as those living with their familes.

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 Includem report front page

Evaluation of Includem's Intensive Support Services - Final Report of Findings to Includem (September 2007).

In 2005, Includem commissioned a two-year evaluation of its Intensive Support Services.  Some of these had a Movement Restriction Condition, or 'tag' (ISMS) and some did not (ISS).

The Anti-Social Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 introduced Intensive Support and Monitoring Services (ISMS) in Scotland in 2005 as part of a disposal to be used by children's hearings in circumstances that would otherwise warrant placement in secure accommodation.  Young persons would be subject to a movement restriction condition (MRC) and at the same time receive Intensive Support Services for up to 3 months (renewable for 3 months).

Report Summary: Summary Report - Eval. of ISS
Full Final Report: Evaluation of Includem's ISS - Full Report

"The impact of poverty on Children's Experiences of Services" (2007)
Fiona Wager, Nick Bailey, Rosie Day, Douglas Hamilton, Malcolm Hill, Caroline King

This study arose from the identification of a gap in knowledge and corresponding need for the development of a better contemporary understanding of children's experiences of poverty. Whilst there has been much quantitative empirical work
and many official statistics produced documenting the extent and distribution of childhood poverty within the UK and sometimes comparatively, less qualitative research evidence existed considering children's own perceptions of their
experiences of poverty. Therefore, the current study sought to build on the few studies that had explored children's own experiences of poverty, with a specific focus on children's perspectives in relation to services, and an emphasis on the effect of poverty on childen's access to, perceptions of and use of services.

Report in PDF format: Serving Children

Children, Young People and Social Inclusion - participation for what? Edited by E. Kay, M. Tisdall, J.M. Davis, M. Hill and A.Prout (2006)

Social inclusion and participation have become policy mantras in the UK and Europe. As these concepts are being translated into policies and practice, it is a critical time to examine - and challenge - their interpretation, implementation and impacts. This book asks how far and in what way social inclusion policies are meeting the needs and rights of children and young people.

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"This is a good place to live and think about the future"
The needs and experiences of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in Scotland

This report presents the findings of a research project about the services provided for and the needs and experiences of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in Scotland. This project was funded by Scottish Refugee Council and conducted by staff in the Glasgow Centre for the Child and Society. The research project was largely qualitative and exploratory in nature. It involved interviews with service providers who work with or for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, as well as interviews and group-work activities with unaccompanied asylum-seeking children themselves.

Report in PDF format: A Good Place to Live Full Report

For the Executive summary of the report: A Good Place to Live Executive Summary


This report presents findings of a qualitative research study focusing on the experiences of young people from white ethnic backgrounds following the move from primary to secondary school. It focused on the experiences of young people from white majority Scottish and white minority ethnic backgrounds (including Irish, Jewish, and Other British). The study followed on from two earlier pieces of research: a questionnaire survey of the experiences of white and black and minority ethnic young people on the move to secondary school (Graham and Hill 2003); and an interview-based study of the experiences of black and minority ethnic young people on the move to secondary school (Caulfield, Hill and Shelton 2005). This set of studies examined young people's school experiences within the context of wider family, peer and neighbourhood relationships, providing a better understanding of young people's experiences of the move to secondary school and about relations between young people from a variety of backgrounds. The study was funded by the Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance and carried out by the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society in 2005.

Report in PDF format: White Children's Perspectives

Report Summary: White Children's Summary

Spotlight 94 summary: Spotlight 94
This research explored the perspectives of parents and children on the positives and negatives of living in areas with high levels of poverty, unemployment and crime. Particular attention was given to participants' aspirations and the strategies used to help the children keep safe, avoid trouble and get on in life, despite the hazards in their local environment. Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the study was carried out in four neighbourhoods in the West of Scotland.

Copies of summary Findings are available at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation web-site:

The full report has been published by the National Children's Bureau, 8 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7QE. Details are on their website at:

For a short abstract of the report: Childrens Resillience


This study aimed to understand, from the perspective of both grandparents and teenage grandchildren, the nature and implications of their evolving relationships. The findings convey the strong emotional bonds and support existing between some grandchildren and grandparents and the ways in which these close relationships are developed and maintained

Report in PDF format: Grandparents and Teen Children


This report presents and discusses the findings of the evaluation of the Fast Track children's hearings pilot in Scotland. The research was undertaken by staff at the Universities of Glasgow, Stirling and Strathclyde between February 2003 and January 2005.

Report in PDF format: Fast Track Full Report

Fast Track Children's Hearings Pilot: Final Report of the Evaluation of the Pilot (Abridged Version)

Abriged version in PDF format: Fast Track Children's Hearings (Abridged) 


This report provides an account of a study of sexual exploitation of looked after and accommodated young people in and around the Glasgow area. It involved gathering retrospective data from 28 young people by way of a semi-structured interview questionnaire and a psychometric measure.

This research was jointly funded by Barnardo's and the Glasgow Child Protection Committee.

Report in PDF format: Sexual Exploitation of Looked After People

Responsibilities to Research Participants"

This Code of Practice provides guidance to researchers undertaking research studies within the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society (GCCS). It is designed to promote an ethical approach to research and the attainment of universally accepted standards.

Through discussions, various GCCS members contributed to the development of this Code of Practice focusing upon ethical responsibilities to research participants and others who may be affected by the research process. Special acknowledgements are owed to Nancy Bell and Dr. Katrina Turner for their work.

Report in PDF format: Ethics Code of Practice

The experiences of black and minority ethnic young people"

This report presents the findings of a qualitative study concerning the transition to secondary school as experienced by black and minority ethnic young people in Glasgow. The study was funded by the Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance and carried out at the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society, University of Glasgow in 2003-4. It serves to complement earlier research on this topic conducted in 2002-3.

This study was carried out by Catriona Caulfield. Tragically, Catriona died suddenly after an accident on holiday, shortly after she had completed the first draft of this report. This report stands as a tribute to her interviewing and writing skills.

Report in PDF format: The Transition to Secondary School

For the spotlight 93 summary in PDF format: Spotlight 93

Interim Report November 2003

This report outlines the early progress of a research study commissioned by the Scottish Executive and carried out by staff at the Universities of Glasgow, Stirling and Strathclyde. The study will evaluate the effectiveness of the fast track hearings pilot in processing persistent young offenders through the children's hearings system more quickly than conventional hearings.

Interim Report in PDF format: Fast Track Interim Report

'Negotiating the transition to secondary school'

This Spotlight reports the findings of a survey of children nearing the end of primary education (in their P7 year)and those just beginning their secondary education (in S1)regarding their experiences of the transition to secondary school.

Catherine Graham and Malcolm Hill
The Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society 2003

PDF format is available here: Spotlight 89

A longer version of this report is available here: Transition to Secondary School (Long Report)

The Transition to Secondary School'
Report of a study funded by the Esme Fairbairn Charitable Trust

Catherine Graham and Malcolm Hill
the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society 2003

Download the Report here: Transition to Secondary School

'Justice, Retribution and Children' Stewart Asquith
In Youth Justice: Critical Readings (Eds) Muncie J., Hughes G. and McLaughlin E.
ISBN: 0761949135 Sage 2002

'Sexual Exploitation in the Pan European community' Stewart Asquith
In Sexual Abuse in Europe. (Eds) Wattam C. and Herzog M.
Council of Europe Press 2002

'Evaluation of the Dundee Families Project' Final Report
Jennifer Dillane, Malcolm Hill, Jon Bannister and Suzie Scott.
Scottish Executive 2001

Shaping Childcare Practice in Scotland' Malcolm Hill (Ed)

Adoption and fostering policy and practice in Scotland have altered dramatically over the last 20 years.  The types of children needing adoptive families are quite different and consequently, the experiences of adoptive families also differe significantly from those of even just a generation ago.  What are the important changes to key trends? And what are the major issues and controversies that have preoccupied childcare professionals and practioners?

For more information abotu this book please click here

ISBN: 1903699142 BAAF 2002

'The Role of Safeguarders in Scotland'
Malcolm Hill, Andrew Lockyer, Peter Morton and Susan Batchelor.
Scottish Executive 2002.

'Effective Ways of Helping Children and Families'
Malcolm Hill

Each chapter outlines the nature of and principle behind each form of intervention under consideration, then reviews the evidence for their success. The contributors, who come from a range of backgrounds including psychology, social work, psychiatry, education and family mediation, conclude by drawing out common themes and implications about what works for practitioners working with children and their families.

ISBN: 1853026190 Jessica Kingsley 1999

'Improving Consultation with Children and Young People'
Moira Walker, Malcolm Hill, Anne Laybourn and Anne Stafford.
Scottish Parliament 2001.

'Education and the Rights of the Child' Video Resource Pack
Kathleen Marshall and Roseanne Maguire.
the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society 2001

'Edinburgh's Children: The report of the Edinburgh Inquiry into Abuse and Protection of Children in Care'
Kathleen Marshall, Cathy Jamieson and Alan Finlayson
The Edinburgh City Council 1999

'TransMonee Database' Public Use Software
Michael Roser and Marc Suhrcke

'Testing the Limits of Foster Care'
Moira Walker, Malcolm Hill and John Triseliotis

Any evaluation of a new service provides valuable opportunities to learn from innovative practice and organisational change.  This book consideres a pioneering scheme - the Community Alternative Placement Schem (CAPS) - set up by NCH Action for Children in Scotland and which offered fostering placements for young people who might otherwise be in care.

For more information about this book please click here

ISBN: 1903699185 BAAF 2002

'Fostering and Secure Care an Evaluation of the Community Alternative Placement Scheme (CAPS)'
Moira Walker, Malcolm Hill and John Triseliotis
Scottish Executive 2002