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Working papers

The Working Papers in Entrepreneurship series comprises work in progress by members of staff and PhD students in the Hunter Centre, and others associated with the Centre. You are welcome to download the papers and to refer to them in your own work. The authors welcome feedback on their work and an indication of where they have been cited.

All current working papers are presented in PDF (Portable Document Format). If you do not have Adobe Reader, which is required to reads these files, you can download it free from the Adobe website.

Note that for copyright reasons previous working papers which have subsequently been published in journals or as book chapters will not be available for downloading. In such cases the relevant publication information is provided.

Contact the editor of the Working Paper series for further information:

Dr Erik Monsen Telephone: +44 (0) 141 548 3157 E-mail:


Business Model Change in Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Firms Facing Uncertain

S Costa and J Levie


Why Social Innovators Should Embrace the "Open" paradigm

D Chalmers


Entrepreneurship and the Media: Do Media Portrayals of Entrepreneurs Matter?

J Levie, M Hart and M Karim


Repeat Entrepreneurship following business closure

O Byrne, H Mullen, S Marlow and C Mason


Angel Investment Decision Making as a Learning Process

D Smith, C Mason and R Harrison


Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

E Shaw, J Gordon, C Harvey and K Henderson


Investment Readiness Programmes & Access to Finance

C Mason, Jennifer Kwok


I think therefore I learn

J Cope, S Down


Distributed Leadership

S Kempster, J Cope and K Parry


Venture Capital, the Regions and Public Policy

C Mason and Y Pierrakis


The Rewards of Entrpreneurship

Carter, S.L.


Home-Based Businesses

Mason, C. M., Carter, S. L. and Tagg, S 


Stages of Business Growth

Levie J. &  Lichtenstein B


The Juggling Act of Entrepreneurship

Cope J.


Learning To Lead In The Entrepreneurial Context

Cope J. & Kempster S.


Different Paths, Same Result

Levie, J