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IHOs and the history of health and medicine

The Inernational Health Organisation (IHO) has rarely been viewed as a distinct phenomenon in the history of health and medicine in the modern period. The conference seeks to address this by bringing together historians and those from related disciplines with relevant research interests. It aims to produce fresh insights into particular periods, organisations and case studies, but also to explore the potential of comparitive perspectives, and of teasing IHOs out of the wider history of helath and medicine in modernity.

Key questions would include:

  1. What agendas and ideologies shaped the emergence of IHOs in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?
  2. How far have IHOs met their objectives and what shaped or prevented success?
  3. What impacts have IHOs had in the locales where they have been embedded?
  4. To what extent have locals worked with or against IHOs and what shaped their approaches?
  5. In what ways has the emergence of the IHO had wider impacts on international relations, and on domestic relations in contributing countries and cultures?
  6. What does the emergence of the IHO over the last two centuries tell historians about the history of medicine, and of modernity?

The event is a jointly organised conference between the Shanghai Social Sciences Association, the David Musto Centre at Shanghai University, and the CSHHH Glasgow at the University of Strathclyde.

The images on this site have been drawn from the Wellcome Collection. V0016272 Two designs for the Mengo Medical Mission, Uganda: on the front two scientists researching and on the reverse a medicine man and physician'


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