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Our Vision

To improve quality of life and enhance global sustainability through the development and application of energy-efficient intelligent light, working in partnership with research, industry and society.

The Intelligent Lighting Centre at the University of Strathclyde is an open innovation research centre working with companies large and small to help them develop and test new technologies, services, business models and applications of solid state light sources and systems.

We can work with any research group across the University giving you access to a vast range of expertise, including´╗┐

  • Health Technology
  • Materials, device physics and optics
  • Electronics, networks and power systems
  • Product design and Architecture
  • Business management and Economics
  • Social sciences, Psychology and Education
  • Future Cities

Independence from commercial bias and competition enables us to offer the best of our knowledge and support to our partners.

Access the rest of the Intelligent Lighting Centre website through the links below to find out more. Please talk to us - ask us questions, tell us what you are interested in, share your news - and we will do the same.´╗┐

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