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Software Documentation

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Software Installation Documentation

If you are experiencing problems installing the downloadable software accessible via Pegasus, please see the following manuals which provide a step-by-step installation guide for the most commonly used site-licensed software:

Windows  XP
Cisco VPN-XP
Endnote 2.0-XP

Endnote 3.0-XP
Minitab 15.0-XP
Minitab 15.1-XP
NVivo 8-XP
NVivo 8 License Renewal-XP
(for updating authorisation codes only) 
Origin Network-XP
Origin Single-User-XP
SPSS 17.0-XP
SPSS License Renewal-XP 
(for updating authorisation codes only)

Windows Vista
Cisco VPN-Vista
Endnote 2.0-Vista
Endnote 3.0-Vista
Endnote 4.0-Vista
Minitab 15.0-Vista
Minitab 15.1-Vista
NVivo 8-Vista
NVivo 8 License Renewal-Vista
(for updating authorisation codes only)
Origin Network-Vista
Origin Single User-Vista
SPSS 17.0-Vista
SPSS License Renewal-Vista
(for updating authorisation codes only)
SPSS 18.0-Vista

Windows 7
The software listed under the 'Windows Vista' section, should be compatible with Windows 7, unless listed below:
Cisco VPN-Windows7 
Cisco VPN-Windows7-64 (64-bit only)
Minitab 16.0-Windows7
NVivo 9-Windows7
SPSS License Renewal-Windows7



SPSS 18.0-Mac

If you are looking for a software installation guide which is not listed above or require further assistance, please contact the I.T.Services Helpdesk.