Andersonian Library Opening Hours

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Spring Vacation Opening Hours
Monday 31st March - Monday 21st April

Date Library open Staffed services
Monday 31st March - Friday 4th April  07:00-21:00  09:00-17:00
Saturday 5th April  09:00-21:00  09:00-17:00
Sunday 6th April  09:00-21:00  12:00-17:00
Monday 7th April - Friday 11th April  07:00-21:00  09:00-17:00
Saturday 12th April  09:00-21:00  09:00-17:00
Sunday 13th April  09:00-21:00  12:00-17:00
Monday 14th April - Thursday 17th April  24 hour opening  09:00-21:00
Friday 18th April    24 hour opening  09:00-17:00
Saturday 19th April   24 hour opening  12:00-17:00
Sunday 20th April   24 hour opening  12:00-17:00
Monday 21st April  24 hour opening  09:00-17:00

* The library will be open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from 14th April - 30th May.*

Self Service facilities

  • Books can be issued using the kiosks on level 3; the kiosks in the Short Loans Collection can be used for both issue and return.
  • Items can be returned to the Returns machine on level 3 (located near the library entrance point).
  • Printer/Photocopier cards can be purchased from automated card dispensers (located near the library entrance point).
SLC Kiosk

Self-check-in/check-out facilities


Printer Card Dispenser

Printing/Photocopying card dispenser


Please note that our cleaning staff operate from 7am until 10am each morning endeavouring to keep the building clean. Note that this means there will be some associated noise whilst this work is undertaken, although we will schedule the noisier work as early as we can. Please assist us by using the bins and recycling facilities available throughout the Library.