Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory

Next generation concepts for the exploration and exploitation of space.

Energy Systems Research Unit

New approaches to the built environment, energy demand reduction, and sustainable means of energy supply.

Future Air-Space Transportation Technology

Innovative long-term research enabling the air transport and space access systems of the future.

James Weir Fluids Laboratory

Next-generation fluids and engineering flow systems through simulation, design, and demonstration.


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Award Winning & Internationally Recognised

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering is home to award-winning and internationally recognised research centres spanning Energy, Aerospace, Fluids, Structures and Materials. Our work involves both the creation of new knowledge and understanding, and translating that new knowledge into the technologies of tomorrow.

From understanding the behaviour of fluid flow at nano-scales to mapping trajectories for deep space missions, we are making key research contributions that will underpin our common future. Our research programmes are also delivering new knowledge with societal and industrial impact, from marine turbines for clean energy to lightweight material for efficient transportation.

The department’s research, teaching and industrial support work is underpinned by state-of-the-art laboratories and local-access to a 3500 node region supercomputer.

Our research centres and contacts are:

Research publications by the department are available electronically from the university repository StrathPrints.

Applicants should provide a research proposal with their application. Applications are made online and all documents can be uploaded with the application.

Industrial Doctorate Programme

The Industrial Doctorate provides opportunities for company employees who are carrying out high quality research in the normal course of their work to register for and obtain a PhD degree from the University of Strathclyde.  Further information is available at


The Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory website.

The James Weir Fluids Laboratory at the University of Strathclyde focuses on flows in which the granular or molecular nature of the fluid determines its complex behaviour.

The Advanced Composites Group (ACG) is dedicated to both fundamental scientific and industrial oriented research in the area of polymeric and composite materials.