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Prof Fran Ackermann

visiting professor

Graham Hills Building

Tel : +44 (0)141 548 3610

Professor Fran Ackermann

Fran did her first degree at the University of Western Australia and her Phd at Strathclyde University. She has been an Affiliate Professor at Bordeaux Business School (2003-2006), Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia (2009-2011) and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Curtin University Graduate Business School (20011-2013 ) as well as spending time at the University of Georgia, Grenoble University and State University of New York. She is interested in the area of negotiation, strategy making (particularly in relation to competitive advantage and stakeholder management but also touching on scenario development and the implementation/review of strategy making) and the resolution of messy complex problems. She, with Professor Colin Eden, has developed an approach to Strategy Making that is extensively used both in organizations but also has been adopted in a number of university courses. In addition she has an active interest in project management particularly in the modelling of disruption and delay and risk assessment. She has written widely on all subjects and currently has published 4 books with numerous book chapters, refereed academic journal articles and conference presentations. She has grants both from EPSRC/ESRC and industry.

Fran is a Member of OR Society, British Academy of Management, Strategic Planning Society, The Institute of Management Sciences, and the American Academy of Management. She has won a number of conference best paper prizes the most recent being in 2011. Fran is a Member of the British Academy of Management and serves on its Council, Academy of Management and a member of the Editorial Boards for Group Decision and Negotiation, E-Negotiation and the European Journal of Decision Processes. She has been a post-doctoral fellowship assessor for ESRC and Commonwealth Scholarships Advisor. She has been involved in consultancies with for example, Bombardier, Strathclyde Police, British Energy (EDF), Health Services in Australia and UK, US Transport Security Agency, NEL, Balfour Kilpatrick/Balfour Beatty, Scottish Water.

She is keen on diving, running, tennis and skiing.

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