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Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th September 2010

Mind the Gap: conversations on youth work and youth studies that contribute to research, theory and practice on work with young people

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 Our sixth international conference crosses disciplinary boundaries to examine research, theories and practices that contribute to youth work and our understandings of young people in the 21st century.

The conference title, Mind the Gap, relates to many aspects of the theme connecting research, theory and practice.

First, it is about the thinking and inquiring mind, sharing thought provoking ideas or research findings, articulating practices and posing problems about the social conditions in which young people live.

Second, the Gap, resonates with inter-disciplinary/cross-disciplinary perspectives and approaches, for example, distinctions between research in youth work and youth studies or practitioner and academic perspectives in synthesising theory with practice.

Third, taking the two together, Mind the Gap as our theme facilitates dialogue on how, with care, the inter-disciplinary terrain may be negotiated to the benefit of the research, academic and practice communities, and individual, or groups of, young people.

Finally, anyone who has used the rail network in the UK will be familiar with the computerised voice that warns us to be mindful of the hazards associated with stepping out on the journey ahead.  The title therefore is also suggested as a metaphor for the journeys of us all, in seeking to improve our understanding of young people and to articulate and share practices in working with them.

It is anticipated that the conference will retain its strong international links and continue to attract a range of presenters from all over the world, from different disciplines at home and abroad.  Mind the Gap will be of interest to anyone involved in youth work or youth studies.  We are keen to encourage both novice and seasoned colleagues, practitioners, researchers and academics, to deliver papers or to join in the conversations that are stimulating and transformational.

Parallel sessions offer opportunities to hear about contemporary research and practices and to join in conversations around common interests.  All parallel sessions last one hour during which there will be one presentation, delivered during the first 20-30 minutes.  Thereafter, there will be opportunities for questions and more general discussion of the paper together with other related research findings or practices.

A limited number of Symposia offer three or four presentations around a theme and enables delegates to hear about and discuss different perspectives.  Symposia presentations last between 15 and 20 minutes and are followed by an hour of round table discussion and questions.

During Thursday there will be opportunities to discuss potential Collaborations between and across boundaries, beyond the conference.  Offering time and space for people to discuss ideas, rather than simply exchanging contact details, is intended to facilitate consideration of future possibilities for research or practice collaborations.



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